Avoid These 5 Mistakes to Make Your Social Media Wall Rock

Create Better Hashtag Campaigns in a Few Easy Steps

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Ever heard the saying “what can go wrong, will go wrong”? Not to sound fatalistic, but this is true for social media campaigns as well. So many things can go wrong when you’re hurtling through a campaign at the high speed of social media content.

But it’s not necessarily a bad thing to be aware of all the things that could go wrong. Knowing which pitfalls to avoid helps you create better hashtag campaigns. Social media walls are an area where mistakes often happen.

Pimp your social media wall

Social walls are so incredibly easy to set up these days, that many people completely forget to adjust and tweak the settings to make their social walls really shine.

Sure, you can set up a bare-bones Walls.io wall within 5 to 10 minutes — but don’t leave it until the last minute. Take your time to create a social media wall that‘s better than just good; make it great so it will stand out and uplift your social media campaign.

Here are 5 common mistakes people make when they set up social media walls for their events, hashtag campaigns, brands or other projects.

1. An overly complicated hashtag

Sometimes, the hashtag choice for your campaign will be blatantly obvious. It may be as straightforward as using your brand name, like the Zotter brand wall. Or maybe it’s the name you already came up with for your campaign, like in the #girlstakeover campaign or innocent’s #sowandgrow hashtag which we’ve both featured on our blog.

Other times, it will be harder to find a fitting hashtag, for example, because the title of your conference is too long for a hashtag or because your topic is very broad. A few things you should watch out for when creating a hashtag:

  • Keep it simple: hashtags should be easy to remember and easy to spell
  • Make it meaningful: the hashtag should say something about your campaign
  • Make it unique: always double- and triple-check whether your hashtag of choice is already in use

2. Lack of promotion

A primary apprehension many people have about hashtag campaigns is the ever-present “but what if no one uses the hashtag?” The bad news is: yes, that can happen. The good news is: it’s preventable.

How well a hashtag campaign performs is largely dependent on how well you promote your campaign. Users won’t just magically know about your hashtag and start happily using it. It is part of your job to make sure they know about it.

Promote your hashtag (and your social media wall) wherever you can:

  • Put it on your Facebook page
  • Use it in your own social media posts
  • Mention it in your newsletter
  • Brand a product with it
  • Slap it on your billboard ads
  • Incorporate a hashtag CTA in your YouTube or TV ads

Embrace offline advertising! Don’t shy away from using hashtags in older, classic forms of advertising either. Who says you can’t put your hashtag on your billboards, on a product, or in your video ads? The majority of people has mobile phones with internet access these days — by making all the necessary information around your campaign available, you can make sure the conversion from offline to online truly happens.

3. No blocklist/moderation

Trolls are a thing. Negative posts happen. People post porn and offensive stuff. Spam is everywhere. Welcome to the internet! 😉

You can’t really keep people from posting crap on social media nor from using your hashtag when they’re doing it. What you can do, however, is making sure those posts are kept away from your social media campaign by removing them from your social wall.

Activating the spam filter in the Walls.io dashboard which has a default and a strict setting to choose from will automatically keep some spam off your wall.

As for offensive content and porn: Walls.io offers a default blocklist, which will filter posts using offensive words off your social wall. In most cases, this simple blocklist will suffice. But, of course, you can further modify the blocklist or create your own list from scratch.

If you expect a lot of problematic content, switching to manual moderation might be the right choice for you. Our customer Case Western Reserve University, for example, uses manual moderation because as a university, they are confronted with a reasonable number of immature posts by students. Having to approve every single post that shows up on the social media wall is a lot of work but gives you more control over content and the impression your wall makes.

4. Not engaging with fans

One of the saddest things that can happen to a hashtag campaign is being neglected by its owner. As a brand or person running a hashtag campaign, you absolutely have to be a part of it. And that doesn’t just involve tweeting out your hashtag, yelling it into the void of the internet.

Engage with your fans, join the conversation, retweet, show some love, and reward user-generated content. Social media isn’t a one-way communication and neither are hashtag campaigns.

Not engaging with your own campaign after creating it is akin to abandoning it.

5. Painful design flaws

“Designing” your hashtag is important, but so is designing your social wall. Walls.io offers plenty of options for tweaking your social wall’s design. It’s worthwhile to put some time and thought into this and involve a graphic designer if you have one at hand and don’t feel comfortable making these decisions by yourself.

Here are a few things that you should consider with your wall’s design:

  • Upload your logo into the header: this is an excellent opportunity for branding your wall; don’t waste it!
  • Use your brand colours: play around with backgrounds, tile and font colours
  • Consider uploading a background image; gentle gradients and solids are a safe bet, in some cases, background photos can also work (just be careful not to visually overwhelm visitors) — we’ve collected some great examples here!
  • Make sure posts and hashtags are visible and legible; aim for good colour contrasts to maximise readability

Our customer Verano Canal has found a great way to integrate branding it uses on its website on the Verano Canal social wall by using a background image and combining it smartly with our Kiosk theme:

Verano Canal social media wall uses elements from its website design to enhance the social media wall. Blue drawings of hands are shown “holding” or framing the current social media post displayed on the wall and the Verano Canal 2018 logo sits prominently at the bottom of the wall.

The background image neatly references the header image used on the Verano Canal website:

The Verano Canal website header shows the blue and yellow Verano Canal 2018 logo on a yellow-red background. From the left and right hands drawn in blue are reaching in towards the logo.

Customise your social media wall by going to the design section in your Walls.io dashboard! You can upload your logo, pick a theme, customise your colour scheme, upload a background image, pick your fonts, etc.

Invest some time to make things better than good

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to avoid these five core mistakes people make when setting up hashtag campaigns and social walls. Most of the time, it just involves going the extra mile to make sure everything is great instead of just good.

Uploading your logo may cost you 5 minutes of your day, but the return on investment is that visitors to your social wall will immediately know who is running this campaign. And if you link the logo to your campaign microsite or to your main website, you can convert those visitors over to your brand pages with literally just one click.

Work through our list here or set aside a few hours to simply go through your Walls.io dashboard top to bottom before you release your hashtag campaign and social wall into the wild. Make sure you’ve got everything set up right and that your wall looks great.

Those extra moments will uplift your hashtag campaign and make everything down the road easier.