Best Social Media Aggregator of 2023

How to Choose the Best Social Media Aggregator for Events, Displays, and Websites

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In this busy world, the one thing people have heaps of are options. The problem starts when you have to choose one. So today, we’ll take your hand and lead you along the journey of selecting the best social media aggregator and the features that make it the crème de la crème.

How to choose the best social media aggregator?

Choosing one option is difficult when you don’t know what to base your decision on. Therefore, we considered a few aspects to watch out for while selecting a social media aggregator. 

Real-time content aggregation

If a social media aggregator doesn’t offer the option of real-time content aggregation, then ditch it. Especially if you want the tool for an event, you don’t want your attendees to wait ages for their selfies to reach a feed on display.

Similarly, your website will benefit from real-time aggregation, as the updated content will be fresh and keep visitors engaged. 

So, the best service should provide real-time post aggregation, which will make your and your audience’s experience much more enjoyable.

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Being able to moderate the content on your feed or profile is vital. The best social media aggregator should allow you to have 100% control over what shows up on your display or website.

Ideally, the aggregator tool should let you manually moderate the aggregated content or automatically. Automatic moderation usually works in tandem with a spam list or blocklist with universal banned terms that you can adjust based on your field. 


People pay attention to detail. So any content you throw out into the social media world should be as aesthetically pleasing as possible.  

The best social media aggregator will allow you to customize your visuals beyond changing colors. The social media content of your dreams should match your brand’s identity. 

Therefore the ideal tool should let you tweak your visuals with advanced design features, like applying grayscale filters to videos and images, changing the background, the design of the social media icons, adjusting post spacing, adding rounded borders, etc.  

Screenshot of a social media aggregator whose layout has been personalized to match Ores's brand identity. (best social media aggregators)
An example of a social media aggregator with a personalized layout: font, tiles, icons (Oreos instead of icons), etc.

Integration with different platforms

The best social media aggregator should offer integrations with the most popular social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. 

Depending on the purpose of your aggregator, it should also provide integrations with popular event platforms and digital signage displays. 

The last thing you’d want from a social media aggregator is legal issues. Collecting content from customers and creators might not always comply with their privacy settings, especially in Europe. 

Therefore, it’s best to search for a GDPR-compliant aggregator, meaning they only use official APIs to avoid any conflict with your audience.   

Having listed the most requested features of a social media aggregator, now’s the time to get decisive. Below you’ll find the best social media aggregator on the market. is 100% GDPR compliant

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The Best Social Media Aggregator for Your Brand

Taking into consideration all of the above, here is your best social media aggregator for events, websites, and displays in 2023.

If we are to look at customer reviews across Capterra, G2, and SourceForge, is the best social media aggregator solution for brands and event professionals and is fully compliant with EU & US/Californian data protection laws (GDPR and CCPA).

Google, Adobe, Cisco, and many other international brands are using this social media aggregator either as a social media feed on their website or as a live event social wall.

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Choose the best social media aggregators for your brand

Photo of a laptop and a monitor displaying the website. (best social media aggregator)
Find more free stock photos like this one in the Unsplash/Pexels profiles.

Selecting one social media aggregator will not always work for everyone. As you may have noticed, there are a variety of totally different but equally effective aggregators. Take the information we listed above into consideration, and we hope you make the right choice. 

According to G2, is the best social media aggregator of 2023!

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