Christmas Presents for Social Media Geeks

The Complete Shopping Guide

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Some people are undeniably hard to shop for. I’ve found that digital natives and gadget lovers are among those people. Why? They usually are so plugged in that they’ve seen everything that’s cool first anyhow. But, with Christmas coming up, here are a few things your friends with social media thumbs could enjoy.

For the fashionably minded friend

Nothing says “I <3 Instagram” like this handmade felt-and-cotton purse in the shape of the Instagram logo. Sling it over your shoulder when you head out on your next #instawalk. Your #igers friends will be so jelly. Unless you get them one as well, of course.

Make your #igers friends jealous with this Instagram themed purse.

Instagram shoulder bag: € 116.08 / ships worldwide from Russia.

These You “Tube” Socks from the official Google store aren’t just fetching in a retro way, but also funny. Because tube socks…geddit? 😉 Who would’ve known the corporate identity of YouTube could lend itself so excellently to a pair of socks. Keep warm on a cold day or roll up those trouser legs and show them off.  

You “Tube” Socks: $ 7.90 / U.S. & Canada sites only, enter here to pick your region.

For that pretentious friend who keeps harping on about their social media game

Whether you want to genuinely support their internet fame or are gifting them this shirt ironically — we’re pretty certain they’ll never know the difference and wear their “I’m a lot cooler on the internet” t-shirt with pride.

For your social media hero friend.

T-shirt “I’m a lot cooler on the internet”: € 14.50 / ships worldwide from the United States.

Then I’ve got the perfect thing for all those, who’ve lost the ability to communicate outside of Facebook status updates. These sticky notes, styled like a Facebook message, will make them feel right at home when they need to tell you something. The best thing is this: They’ll never know if you’ve seen their message.

And no one will know if you’ve seen their message.

Facebook personal message sticky notes: $ 2.59 / sold via the amazon.com, presumably shipping worldwide.

For your humorous friend, the one who always says it like it is

I think this “All my friends are followers” t-shirt has everything going for it. Cute? Check. Contains sheep? Check. Punny? Check. This t-shirt will delight anyone who loves a good joke — and loves cute drawings of sheep.

“All my friends are followers” t-shirt: € 22.13 / ships worldwide from the United States.

For your friends who run a startup

If you have friends who have recently started a business, you’re no stranger to the giddiness that comes from every single new fan of their Facebook page or a new follower on Twitter. Support their endeavours with these awesome haptic social media counters for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, they’d maybe rather you invest that chunk of change in their business instead. 😉

Physical counter for Facebook/Twitter/Instagram by Smiirl: $ 300 each / ships worldwide.

If you’d rather get them something that lets them represent their company everywhere they go — and as giveaways for friends, family and fools —, you should probably go for glowing Macbook stickers by Austrian company tabtag. They are easy to apply, remove and reapply, and tabtag takes custom orders for brands. Design some stickers for your friendly neighbour startup and make them happy this Christmas by turning their glowing apple into their own thing.

tabtag custom Macbook stickers: Custom pricing, no minimum orders / ships internationally.

For the avid reader and homebody

Know a baker? Get them this social media cookie cutter set — here’s a Christmas cookie recipe by Nigella Lawsom. The social media cookies can easily double as decorations on the Christmas tree as well. And if you ask nicely, maybe your baker friend will even spare some cookies for you when you play Web Trumps with them.

In Web Trumps by MJOM Cards* you play Airbnb against Amazon and Facebook against Skype. The 32 cards are uniquely designed. The principle is simple: The card with the best social media reach wins.

Play social media giants against each other in this web trumps card game.

Maybe get the card game for yourself while you’re at it. You know, just in case your friend with the cookies gets hooked on one of the books you could give them. If they still need some social media help, give them Guy Kawasaki’s The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users. Or let them delve into Twitterature: The World’s Greatest Books in Twenty Tweets or Less. This book is almost a classic itself by now, given that it was first published in 2009. 😉

Hashtag/Twitter/Facebook Like cookie cutter set: $ 7.99 / ships internationally from amazon.com.
Web Trumps by MJOM Cards: € 19 / ships worldwide.
The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users: $ 10.03 for the Kindle version.
Twitterature: The World’s Greatest Books in Twenty Tweets or Less: $ 9.78 for the Kindle version.

*We should probably admit here that some of the people behind Mjom Cards are part of the Socialisten and thus Walls.io team. The fact that they made it onto ProductHunt pretty quickly should speak for itself.

Tell us what’s on your own Christmas list? Have you been naughty or nice?