How to Embed a LinkedIn Feed on a Website

Learn to Embed a LinkedIn Feed on a Website in Less Than 5 Minutes

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how to embed a linkedin feed on a website example and guide

You invest a lot of time in producing content for your LinkedIn page. Why not repurpose that content? Embed a LinkedIn feed on your website to keep it updated with new content automatically.

For example, you can set it up as a brand hub showing all your social media updates on your website. Or you could embed it on your internal wiki as a news board, use it for employer branding on your careers website or embed it on your digital signage solution and share the content on a screen in your office. The possibilities are endless.

How to embed a LinkedIn feed on your website in 3 easy steps

With, embedding a LinkedIn widget on your website is super easy, no matter your tech skills. You copy and paste the JavaScript or iFrame code generated on your dashboard to embed your LinkedIn feed anywhere on your website. Here’s how to do it:

Create a widget that gets auto updates from your LinkedIn page.

Great for brands that care about user privacy and security. This solution doesn’t load any 3rd-party widgets or services and complies with EU & US/Californian data protection laws (GDPR and CCPA).

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1. Create your LinkedIn feed widget

First of all, set up your account. Don’t worry; it’s straightforward and takes less than 5 minutes, including adapting the design. If you need a hand with adding LinkedIn content, here’s how to add LinkedIn as a source. Sources Dashboard where you can pick your content source

2. Get the code snippet you need to embed your LinkedIn feed

Navigate to the Embed & Display section of your dashboard and grab the embed code. JavaScript is generally the preferred method as it gives you more features. But iframe is a great option, especially as not all website builders or apps will let you use JavaScript.

The Dashboard where you can copy the code and embed a LinkedIn feed on your website.
The Dashboard where you can copy the embed code

3. Add the LinkedIn feed code to your website and forget about it

The feed will automatically fetch all the posts you publish on your LinkedIn page. If you’d like only to display some posts, you have complete control over the widget’s content.

Benefits of a LinkedIn feed embed on your website

Repurpose your content

You invest a lot of time creating content for your company’s LinkedIn page. So why not repurpose that content and share it elsewhere too? A LinkedIn feed embed lets you display all the content from your public LinkedIn company profile on your website. 

Every new LinkedIn post published on your company’s profile will be automatically added to the LinkedIn feed embed. You can also further curate the embed with selected posts from your LinkedIn feed.

Take employer branding to the next level

Many brands use their LinkedIn pages to feature new employees, perks and benefits, memorable moments from internal events, causes that the company supports, and values it stands for. Sharing that authentic content on your brand’s website will help attract new talent and create a sense of belonging for your current team.

Show LinkedIn content to people without an account

For all those who don’t have a LinkedIn account or don’t find the time to visit the platform when scanning your products or researching your company, share your curated content via a LinkedIn feed embed on your website.

LinkedIn feed embed on website example by
LinkedIn feed embed on website example by

FAQs about the LinkedIn feed embed

How to embed a LinkedIn feed on my internal wiki?

To embed a LinkedIn feed on your internal wiki, sign-up for a free trial. Then, set up your LinkedIn feed by connecting your page to This tutorial explains the setup process in more detail.

Here’s an example of how to embed a LinkedIn feed on a notion wiki. Just add a new block and choose Embed from the block types available:

An embed block on enterprise wiki Notion, showing multiple block options.

Enter the URL of your wall (f.e. and click the Embed link button:

Screenshot of an embed block on notion with a link to embed.

That’s it! You can now customize the size of your social media embed by dragging the handlebars:

Screenshot of demo social feed embedded on Notion. Arrows shows the adjustable size of the photo.

If using a Microsoft Sharepoint wiki, read this guide on embedding your LinkedIn feed on Microsoft SharePoint.

How are brands using LinkedIn feeds on their website?

Brands use LinkedIn feeds to share the latest news with their employees. The feed can be displayed on a TV at the office, embedded on the company’s website, or internal wiki. 

Another use case is employer branding. A great example is LV 1871, which has launched an innovative Corporate Influencer Programme. Around 30 employees who have volunteered as influencers post on social media, presenting the company to the outside world. They combined LinkedIn content produced by the company with content posted by their employees on other social platforms like Twitter and Instagram, creating an exciting employee-generated content hub.

Two white people are chatting to each other in front of a large wall-mounted TV screen that shows the LV 1871 social wall. embed linkedin feed on a display
LV 1871 social wall featuring content from LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram

Will embedding a LinkedIn feed improve my SEO rankings?

The short answer is: yes. Search engines use the time spent on site metric as a ranking factor since dwell time equals audience engagement – and that can only mean that you have great content on your page. The longer the dwell time, the more likely your visitors are to take action. Brands use LinkedIn widgets to drive user engagement, keep the visitors on their website, and skyrocket conversion and click-through rates.

On which platforms can I embed a LinkedIn feed?

The LinkedIn widget integrates seamlessly with any CMS or website builder, such as WordPress, Weebly, Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, Shopify, etc. Copy and paste the iframe or JavaScript code that we generate for you. Learn more about the embed options.

Here are a few guides for the most popular CMS tools, but bear in mind that it can work on any website, also if you have a custom made solution:

Can I embed content from other networks apart from LinkedIn?

Of course, you can easily do that. is a fully-fledged social wall. It aggregates content from 13+ sources. You can also allow your users to upload content directly to the wall with Direct Posts.

What kind of content can I show with the LinkedIn feed widget?

You can add LinkedIn Company Pages or University/School Pages (with admin privileges only). 

Can I also embed the LinkedIn feed widget on the event platform I’m using?

Your LinkedIn feed will work great on all event platforms. To help you integrate your social wall easier, we created a few guides for the most popular ones that we also partner with. If you’re missing a guide, drop us a line in the chat.

Is it possible to moderate content from a LinkedIn widget?

The LinkedIn feed widget allows you to select the content you want to display and hide the rest. The widget’s moderation features include language and keyword filters, automated spam filtering for images and text, unlimited moderators, and remote moderation from any device.