Employer Branding on Social Media: 18 Companies Doing It Right

Attract the Best Talent With Employer Branding on Social Media

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Employer branding refers to the process of a company influencing the perceptions of their current and potential employees. The goal is to show the advantages of working for the company and build a good reputation.

Scout24 is a great example of a brand sharing their company culture using social walls for employer branding.

The company cannot control its reputation as an employer by social media postings, but perspective can be influenced and encouraged. The employees and candidates will form their own opinions, but positive social media interactions improve the recruiting potential of the company.

Including their company branding helps viewers associate the posts with the company easily. A person can conveniently gather a cohesive picture of the company and its relation to its employees with this method. Handling employer branding is often done manually, but there are tools available

Let’s take a look at 18 companies who do employer branding on social media right.

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1. Adobe

Adobe has been a long-time visionary in the world of technology and computers. Their creativity shows in their social media offerings. They include stories from their employees and experiences both at work and at home. They include a hashtag with most of their social media so it is easy to see more.

2. Canva

Canva highlights the value of potential employees and posts motivation and design encouragement regularly on social media. They are aware that many job seekers are looking as much for purpose as for money and they offer content that recognizes this desire. 

Their careers page shows the work environment through videos and pictures that illustrate the information about their work culture. 

3. Chipotle

The restaurant Chipotle Mexican Grill has expanded while other restaurants were struggling. This is at least in part due to its employer branding. They focus on benefits, inclusion, and promotions. The company is committed to keeping its promises to its employees.

They promote from within, which rewards and encourages a good work ethic. Their employees are diverse and willing to share on social media their positive experiences working for Chipotle. They discuss skills learned, promotions, and the tuition reimbursement program, among other things.

4. Nationwide Careers

Many employees of Nationwide have allowed their stories to be recorded and posted on the company’s Facebook page. Potential employees find out what it is like to work for Nationwide through the stories of the current employees.

Screenshot of a Facebook post by Nationwide Careers promoting an apprenticeship program. (employer branding on social media)

5. General Electric

General Electric has been in business for more than a century. While the company is quite old, its use of social media is not. They emphasize the new and exciting parts of the company and its innovative products. The pride in their employees and their work is easy to see in their employee branding posts.

The company has always been industrial. In recent years, they also moved into the digital industry. They highlight their goals for diversity and balance in employment and engaging with people.

6. Heineken

Heineken worked hard to become leaders in their field, and have worked equally hard to build and maintain their reputation. In their campaigns, they have featured videos of employees in all positions that showcase the uniqueness of their people.

Heineken makes it fun to interact on their website, drawing in potential employees with an interactive interview that evaluates the people while offering them insights into the company. The people are then invited to apply for a career with Heineken.

7. The Home Depot 

Known for home improvement tools and supplies, The Home Depot focuses on employee stories on social media. They quote their employees and include photos of many. Their social media posts are geared toward work culture and all employees, including interns.

Their social media posts discuss giving back to the community and offer jobs to military veterans. Their focus on new workers encourages young people to learn their jobs.

8. Innocent

The UK company shows the whole purpose of employer branding with its welcome video that shows the office environment. It not only shows the actual location, but it also discusses the reasons why a person would want to become an employee, including opportunities and autonomy.

9. L’Oreal

The skincare company has been long known as an excellent employer, largely due to its employee branding. L’Oreal enhances its value proposition and culture through employee input. Their values marketed to prospective employees include:

  • A thrilling experience
  • An inspiring company
  • A school of excellence
Screenshot of a Tweet by L'oreal Australia with a photo of the office's rooftop terrace in New York.

The principle L’Oreal follows is one that all companies should apply to their social media: “Serve the right content to the right audience at the right time.” L’Oreal applies this principle to their social media on all the platforms they frequent.

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10. Mattress Firm

One of the leading mattress retailers, Mattress Firm emphasizes community and family both at home and at work. They show how their company makes working there cool and rewarding. They show appreciation to their employees and virtual tours of the Mattress Firm offices and stores.

They post their available positions, the company diversity, pictures of the teams, and the company values. Their employees also post pictures, stories, and videos about the company.

11. Military Services: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Space Force

The employer branding on social media of armed services recruiting is well known. “Army of one.” “The few, the proud, the Marines.” “Be all you can be.” “Duty. Honor. Country.” These and many more are recognizable immediately.

On social media, individual service members’ stories are featured by each branch. The goal of the armed services is to encourage young people to join and defend the country.

They highlight people who do things for others and showcase strong people. They praise the people who do their best to be their best. These military services also offer “ask me anything” events and answer questions. 

The military branding invites strong young people to become a part of their elite group of patriotic defenders. They offer people methods to improve themselves, like college classes and strength training. They encourage diversity and inclusion.

12. Mollie 

A Dutch payment processing company, Mollie specifies its values on the About page of its website. It brings those principles to social media. Its slogan “Be authentic” is embodied in its posts on LinkedIn and the employees are showcased with headshots by the company’s professional photographer.

Screenshot of an Instagram photo post by Mollie with many employees gathered by a mountain.

On social media, Mollie employees post their individual stories and experiences. Others can see what life is like at the company through these posts. They named their Instagram account “lifeatmollie” and the content is exactly that.

13. Facebook

Facebook is known for doing great things for its employees. They encourage people to be family-oriented and support their employees with benefits, leaves, and personalized question and answer times. 

14. Pipeline

Pipeline is a company that helps other companies with their social media. They set a great example by highlighting their employees and offering kudos and congratulations on social media. They post on several social media sites, including Instagram and Facebook.

15. Starbucks

A coffee company that is recognized globally, Starbucks is well known for its employer branding on social media. Starbucks posts on Instagram and Twitter, speaking directly to people who are looking for work. They praise their current employees and interact with potential future workers.

Some of the posts congratulate employees on graduation from college, which promotes its free tuition benefit. Some are posts from employees, who are called “partners” by the company, showcasing the community feel of Starbucks staff.

16. T-Mobile

T-Mobile uses several social media platforms to showcase its employees, available positions, stories about and by its employees, and work environment. Some of the content on their networks are created by their employees. They encourage diversity and offer a modern, inspiring presence.

17. Tron Solar 

A company dedicated to helping people use solar power rather than traditional electricity, Tron Solar posts encouraging posts about their employees and their work regularly. They celebrate achievements and promote a great work ethic.  

18. Wistia

Wistia practices what they preach – they make software that helps businesses use video to advertise and promote their brand. Wistia uses the software to talk about the company, its culture, its employees, and how their work experience is unique. 

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Employer branding on social media is crucial for your company

Employer branding on social media is important for every company to consider. Companies want to build a reputation and influence the perception of the company by potential employees. They do so by portraying their values and showcasing their employees on social media.

When interested workers can see that a company treats its employees well and appreciates them, they are more likely to apply for employment. Building a positive impression of a company is not hard. It involves good employee treatment, proper compensation, and appreciation for a job well done.

Being known as a great place to work helps to fill in positions that become vacant, but also increases retention of employees. It also encourages clientele to view the company positively, adding to its overall reputation.

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