What It Feels like to Run a Hashtag Campaign for a Client

Agency Life Told in GIFs

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A man wearing chunky glasses and a red bow tie with a funny apprehensive facial expression.

Life at an agency surely isn’t easy. You have all these grand ideas and your client is super excited at first but then… things just don’t seem to work out as planned.*

*Of course, it’s not always fun and games on the client’s side either. We do know that.

So, if you’ve ever worked on a hashtag campaign in an agency, then this (oftentimes tragic) life cycle of running a hashtag campaign might sound a tad familiar to you. 😉

Someone at your agency suggests running a hashtag campaign…

Gif of Tom Hanks thinking

…and somehow, you get caught up in the excitement and say, heck let’s do it!

gif of woman saying best idea ever

So you get tasked with bringing the idea to the client.

Gif of a bunch of cats having a meeting in a boardroom

Which is great, because you really really really love meetings just so much!

gif from Parks and Recreation

Halfway through the meeting, you realise the client has no idea what a hashtag even is.

Gif of Britney Spears looking confused

So you go back to Hashtags 101.

Gif of Denzel Washington in Philadelphia saying “Explain this to me like I’m a four-year old”

Yep, now they’ve got it.

Gif of a man saying “I get it and I like it”

At least, that’s what they’re saying.

Gif of a blonde woman pretending to understand

But they’re on board with the idea.

Gif of the spit handshake from My Girl

So you head back to the office and enter the planning phase.

Gif from Cabin in the Woods “Let’s get this party started”

The team sits down and realises that no one has actually thought this far ahead.

Gif of a man getting up from his computer saying “I got nothing”

No one even has an idea for a hashtag either.

Gif of Steve Martin thinking expressively and coming up with nothing

Finally, after a long sleepless night of brainstorming, you come up with the perfect hashtag…

Gif from Mad Men of Peggy Olson walking in like a BAMF with sunglasses and a cigarette dangling from her mouth

…or, you know, at least a hashtag everyone can agree on.

Gif of Don Draper typing “cut to hashtag…”

It’s time to present the campaign to the client…

Gif of Steve Carell saying “PowerPoint PowerPoint PowerPoint”

…and they’re impressed and give you the go-ahead.

Gif from Star Trek TOS of Kirk and McCoy nodding appreciatively

The campaign starts.

Gif of Amy Adams being very excited

Expectations are perhaps rather high.

Gif of classic quote from Pinky and the Brain: “The same thing we do every night, Pinky, try to take over the world.”

Unfortunately, the first contribution to the campaign comes from a troll.

Gif from Little Shop of Horrors, the plant saying “Feed me.”

Apart from that, not much is happening.

Gif of tumbleweed blowing from right to left on an empty desert road

The client is decidedly not happy with you.

Gif of Gordon Ramsay looking unamused

Even though you’re trying to save what you can…

Gif from The Princess Bride: “Let me explain… No, there is too much. Let me sum up.”

…deep down, you know you’ve messed up,…

Gif from Arrested Development, Gob saying “I’ve made a huge mistake”

…and you walk back to the office, defeated.

Gif from arrested development of George Michael walking sadly with his head down

Obviously, some blame is being thrown around,…

Gif of man saying “I, for one, blame Gwyneth.”

…but ultimately everyone agrees to never talk about the whole thing ever again.

Gif from Younger: “We will never speak of this again.”

And the next time some unsuspecting new person at the agency innocently mentions the words “hashtag campaign”…

Gif from Game of Thrones of Ygritte saying “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”

…the room empties magically.

Gif from Monty Python running away screaming “Run away! Run away!”

Want to do better?

If you want to make sure your next hashtag campaign runs a lot smoother than this, check out our Ultimate Hashtag Campaign Playbook!

Gif of Bill Murray saying “You got this.”