A Love Story in Hashtag Products

The Complete Shopping Guide for Hashtag Lovers

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Hashtags are everywhere these days, from hashtag marketing campaigns to weddings. But your love affair with the octothorpe needn’t stay metaphysical only. And if you really love hashtags, then you need someone who loves them as well. So, we have come up with a little guide to finding and keeping love with the help of hashtag products.

Hashtag #MeetCute

So how does one even meet the guy/girl of one’s dreams who equally appreciates hashtags? That’s right: Wear your heart hashtag on your sleeve.

You can say it with a tie, a mug, or inconspicuously carry around a hashtag notebook. Drummer or guitarist? No problem with these drumsticks and guitar picks. Skater? Then your board says it all. Or maybe you enjoy to kick it like Beckham? Even if you’re part of an underground hashtag-digging ping-pong culture, then you’re in luck. Because there’s a paddle for that.

Someone’s even gone through the trouble of designing a hashtag-customised Rickshaw Bag which you can buy via Zazzle. Additionally, you can cover your iPhone, cover your head, or cover your baby – the possibilities of presenting your love for hashtags to potential future partners are endless.

Hashtag #MovingIn

Once you’ve found your fellow hashtag lover, you might be looking to move in with them. Decorating a new home together is always hard. Tastes don’t always align and people clash. Fortunately, this can easily be solved by sticking to a theme. Say…hashtags?

You can rest your head on hashtag pillows and dress your walls in fitting decor, from posters to shabby chic wall hangings. Bring some light into your life with this vintage-inspired marquee light (I think, the cat might not be included):

Wall light in the form of an octothorpe.

Photo from Etsy.

And if anything is not covered in hashtags yet, this hashtag fabric and this satin ribbon should do the trick. Well done, you deserve a cookie now and so does your partner. Good thing you bought some hashtag cookie cutters!

Hashtag #WeddingBells

Once your relationship has progressed to certain level, it’s probably time to look towards some appropriate bling. Now, this might not be exactly what Marilyn Monroe had in mind but, considering the carats on this thing, she probably wouldn’t have said “no” to this 18-carat, set-with-diamonds hashtag ring. Sure, the price (USD 950,-) might seem a little lofty at first. But, considering Americans are happily shelling out almost up to 6k on average for engagement rings, it might actually be a steal. Just don’t let them catch you with an Etsy knock-off for under $10.

But that’s not to say you can’t get some nice and affordable hashtag style jewelry on Etsy, maybe even fitting for a wedding. From a variety of necklaces to dangly laser-cut earrings. Or show your hashtag love with these earrings, where hearts and hashtags meet:

A pair of dangly silver earrings of hashtags with a red heart set in the middle.

Photo from Etsy.

Suit-wearing hashtag lovers will look dazzling at the wedding with some matching cufflinks, whether they’re 3d-printed and pink or a classy sterling silver version. I’m sure you’ll remember to create your wedding hashtag for the festivities and get a matching sign to alert your guests about it.

Hashtag #BreakingUp

This is where it gets a little sad, but we want you to be ready for anything. Sometimes relationships fail. And we’re thinking if they’re based on solely a shared love for hashtags, then the love might just be a little fleeting. You might, at one point, even get annoyed with your partner’s enthusiasm for all things hashtag.

But it doesn’t have to mean the end is nigh. There are still ways to save your relationship. Maybe they’ll get the hint if you get them this t-shirt. A strategically placed new cushion perhaps? You might have to make it really clear with this poster, before they know something’s wrong.

And if all else fails it might be time for a proper intervention. This card would go nicely with it:

Humorous greeting card reading: #Consider #this #card #your #hashtag #intervention.

Photo from Cafepress.

What? You think we’re not being serious with all of this hashtag merch? Whatever makes you think that? We here at Walls.io endorse all uses of hashtags. Also, it’s silly season, and we have to write about something 😉

So, happy hashtagging, my friends! Wear your hashtags with pride, just remember not to go overboard. As always, less is more.