How to Promote an Event on Social Media

8 Effective Ways to Promote an Event on Social Media

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Social media is the most effective way of promoting your event. With many different platforms and options for your promotions, it can be easy to get lost and not gain the maximum engagement.

Use these tips to help you navigate your way through social media, promoting your event successfully and increasing the attendance of your event.

1. Hashtags

Hashtags are the best way of tying your social media promotions together and presenting a unified approach. In the modern age, hashtags need to be short and snappy to grab people’s attention in a split-second.  Get creative: think about using capitalisation, abbreviations, acronyms and puns to create the perfect hashtag. People will use the hashtag to search for information about the event, so the phrasing must be carefully considered.

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2. Social wall

Social walls are a great cost-effective method of maximising your social media engagement.

With a social media wall, you can aggregate posts from various social media networks in one place. It’s a great way to display everything related to your event and it doesn’t take much effort to set it up either. Walls.io social walls are easy to embed using a JavaScript code that is automatically generated for you. And you can easily adapt the look of your social wall to fit your branding and your event’s branding. Here are a few social wall examples that will inspire you.

TEDxFreiburg social wall on main stage

Social walls are a great add-on for all kinds of events, from small, intimate events like weddings to big industry events like trade shows. Conferences, BarCamps, company retreats, award shows, sports events, online awareness events — they all benefit from a social media wall that centres the conversation.

This is a tool that you can use before, during and after your event and the greatest thing is that creating a social wall takes less than 5 minutes.

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3. Consistent branding

With your hashtag in place and all your promotional material organised and linked, you must make sure that the individual pieces are branded consistently. Even viewers searching through the hashtag should be easily able to identify that it is the same event and same brand. Although the style and flavour of each promotion should be different, make sure that there is part of each that is consistent.

4. Utilise all platforms

There are many different forms of social media and utilising each effectively can maximise your social media engagement. Instagram for example, is a rapidly growing platform that focuses on pictures – so designing visually engaging promotions that stand out against scenic photography for that website is crucial. Whereas it has been seen on Facebook that videos create the most engagement, so promotions should be focused around that method.

5. Pictures

Pictures are far better at grabbing people’s attention than just text. They give more of a story and provide a better understanding of what the event is all about. Positive pictures of past events can show people what to expect, and smiling patrons give an idea of how someone will feel when there. Written testimonials work great over pictures of past visitors, as you can combine an attention-grabbing picture with a positive quote that makes people want to attend.

6. Use your networks

Promotions can become stale if pushed by the same company and accounts constantly. To keep your promotional material fresh, make use of your networks and brand advocates to create a more diverse front of promotions.

7. Timing

Timing is essential on social media. Peak times for users can vary by country and by platform. Make sure to present your promotions at the correct time for each variable. As well as this, don’t let your promotions peak early. Most people become more swayed by events in the near future. Take advantage of this by making sure to create a gradual increase in promotion strength that focuses on the days just before the event.

8. Offers and discounts

An effective way to create a buzz around your social media promotions is to create exclusive offers or discounts to those who engage through social media. This can be simply buying through a special link provided by a social media platform, or as creative as getting patrons to photo themselves in the brand colours to receive the discount.

Following these tips should ensure you create successful promotions that grab the attention of social media users and increase the attendance of your event. A systematic, methodical approach to promoting on social media can have a great impact on engagement. Focus on getting the basics listed here accomplished correctly and the reach of your promotions will be significantly increased.