8 Best Social Media Recruiting Examples

Get Inspired by These Social Media Recruiting Examples to Find the Best Candidates

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8 Practical Social Media Recruiting Examples. In the image: a woman being interviewed by two persons..

Recruiting candidates through social platforms has become a common practice by many companies. Since 86% of all job applicants are using social media for their job search, it makes sense to level up your social media recruiting efforts. Take a look at the following social media recruiting examples to get inspired.

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Social media recruiting examples via social walls 

At this point, having a social media presence is crucial for any company. Of course, you want to attract customers, but also potential candidates. Therefore, adopting a social media recruiting strategy that includes a social wall like the examples below could benefit your business.

Let’s look at 8 social recruiting examples from companies that use social media and a social wall to attract candidates.  

1. Capgemini: get employees to share about company culture

Capgemini, a French multinational tech company with over 270k employees in over 50 countries, strives at social recruiting. They created a social media series called Her Story that focuses on sharing stories from female employees.

These stories show how Capgemini cares about women breaking the glass ceiling. The series is valuable for both the company and for candidates, as it confers a healthy company culture that encourages diverse candidates to apply for open positions.  

Screenshot of Capgemini’s social wall featuring two stories by two female employees.
Capgemini’s social wall featuring two stories by female employees.

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2. cap hpi: use social media content as a business card 

Before applying to work here at Walls.io, I tested the waters by inspecting the company’s social channels. Having found what I was looking for — social proof of a healthy work environment — I was convinced the job would be a good fit for me.

cap hpi gives candidates a peek through their window by displaying a social feed on their careers page. They embedded a social media wall that collects the latest social media content from their profiles. 

So every time a potential employee visits their website, they get a glimpse of what the company is up to.

Screenshot of cap hpi’s social media recruiting feed displaying their latest tweets.
Social feed by cap hpi displaying their latest tweets.

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3. Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken: celebrate trainees’ achievements

Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken seeks to encourage more young adults to join their trainee program. Their strategy to achieve this consists of celebrating their trainee’s achievements on a social wall. 

This feed collects content tagged with the bank’s hashtag #WirSindNext (#WeAreNext) and displays stories about how trainees started working at the bank, plus some tips for the application process. 

Screenshot of an Instagram post showing a trainee with a screen in her hands. The screen shows the website where people can apply for an apprenticeship at the bank. Caption: Hi, ich bin Josefine.👋🏻 Vor drei Jahren habe ich auf der Job-Börse in 📍Schwäbisch Hall-Steinbach meinen Ausbildungsplatz bei der VR Bank gefunden.🤩 Daher mein Tipp: Nutze auch du das digitale Angebot, um dir einen tollen Überblick zu verschaffen.Heute ist deine letzte Chance. 👉 www.clickit-job.de #vrbanksha #vrbankcr #vrbankkannwas #bank #schwäbischhall #crailsheim #gaildorf #jobbörse #digital #clickit2021 #clickit #ausbildung #studium #2021 #juni #seidabei #region #zukunft #austausch #klickdichrein #meineausbildung #meinezukunft #chancennutzen.
Source: Instagram

Additionally, they also showcase content related to their trainee program. For example, the image below shows one post (in the middle) making a comparison of the similarities between a school’s and the bank’s facilities. 

Screenshot of the social media recruiting wall from Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken. The image shows two photos of trainees at the bank, and one shows a comparison of a school and the bank’s facilities.
The social wall from Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken displays two photos of trainees at the bank, and a comparison of a school and the bank’s facilities.

4. Deutsche Bank: showcase success stories as social media recruiting examples

Deutsche Bank offers a dual education system in which people combine an apprenticeship at the bank with a Bachelor program. The bank created a social wall to showcase student’s stories and to celebrate their success as they approach graduation day. 

The feed is embedded on the bank’s careers page for other people to see and feel inspired to enrol in the program.  

Screenshot of Deutsche Bank’s social feed displaying four success stories of students enrolled in their dual (education and apprenticeship) program.
Deutsche Bank displays success stories of students enrolled in their dual (education and apprenticeship) program.

5. NHS: inspire the next generation to pursue a career 

At the beginning of 2016, NHS Employers in the UK launched a hashtag campaign to rejuvenate the NHS workforce. Only 6% of people employed by the NHS at that point were under 24. 

The campaign, run with the hashtag #NHSwhereistarted, asked people who had first entered the workforce via the NHS to share how they got started to inspire the next generation to pursue a career with the national healthcare provider.

The basic idea of the campaign was to share a photo of one’s first day at the NHS and nominate two other people to share their own “first day”. As a result, NHS staff of all kinds ended up sharing their career paths.

By letting active NHS employees tell their stories of starting out and success, the NHS could position themselves as an employer people are happy to work for.

Screenshot of a Tweet. The caption reads "#nhswhereIstarted in 1983 Oldchurch Hospital in Essex, fast forward 33yrs to Director of Nursing&Quality @NCHC_NHS" and shows a photo of the the writer in 1983.
Source: Twitter

Soon, the hashtag was picked up by hospitals tweeting out job offers as well. Furthermore, the campaign was nominated for a Health Business Awards 2016.

6. We Are Tech North: set up a social wall at a recruiting event

Organisations are also using hashtags to push career options for a specific industry and geographical area or to pool job offers from different companies in one place.

We Are Tech North, an initiative working on boosting the digital tech scene in the North of England, used Walls.io to set up a social media wall at Silicon Milkroundabout, a tech job fair in London.

Screenshot of We Are Tech North's social media recruiting wall dispalying six job opportunities.
We Are Tech North used a social media wall to promote job openings in the North of England at a job fair in London.

Any companies posting with the hashtag #NorthernTechJob in their job postings on social media were automatically featured on a social media wall at the venue, allowing job seekers to scout for potential openings and immediately interact with companies they were interested in.

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7. BearingPoint: involve employees in a philanthropic campaign

We’ve talked about strategies to attract new candidates for your company, but keeping the talent in-house is equally essential. BearingPoint is an excellent example of engaging employees through social media while doing good for the community.  

To celebrate ten years of success, the BearingPoint marketing team devised a hashtag campaign focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility, asking employees to show their communities they cared for ten days. 

The campaign called 10 Days of Caring was originally planned for September and October 2019 but ended up carrying over into December as some of the BearingPoint country offices continued to organise campaign activities.

Screenshot of the BearingPoint 10 Days of Caring campaign microsite. It includes a promo image for the campaign, a video, and a social wall embedded at the bottom.
The BearingPoint 10 Days of Caring campaign microsite with the social wall embedded at the bottom.

They integrated a social wall into their intranet. So, each day, whenever someone logged on, they saw all of the updates on the social wall. They also embedded the wall into their website and promoted that link on social media. So anyone external who wanted to see 10 Days of Caring, could get an update. 

8. Scout24: grab the attention of potential employees 

A best practice example for a sustainable social media recruiting strategy is Scout24, Germany’s leading online platform for residential and commercial real estate. Scout24’s social recruiting strategy is designed to attract talent and win them over before they even submit their application. 

90% of professionals research a company’s culture and values before accepting a role. Take advantage of that and tell your own story instead of letting others tell it for you.

Let potential applicants peek behind the curtains of your company by sharing your values, benefits and social proof of a healthy work environment through a social wall, just like Scout 24 does.  

nstagram post by Scout24 Group. The image shows a field with the following question and answer: “#1 What does it mean to you being able to bring Mera to work?” “It means the world to me and to her too! I am so happy that I don’t have to leave her alone all day and that I can share more memories with her.” Overlaid at the bottom right is a polaroid-style image of a smiling person with long hair who is holding a golden labradoodle dog. At the bottom of the polaroid it says “at work”. The post’s caption reads: Every office needs a Feel Good Manager... 🙌 And we're lucky at Scout24, we have quite a few! 🧡🐕 @mera.goldendoodle is one of our #FeelGoodManager's and she was recently featured in this #OfficeDogs interview with @java.minidoodle! Cute! SWIPE RIGHT 👉⠀ .⠀ Mera's human is Scout Darina, Data Engineer at Scout24. As Darina has been working from home (as all Scouts have been doing for a few weeks now), Mera's role has continued to be super important in keeping her human smiling! ☺️ We can't wait to cuddle Mera (and all of our Feel Good Managers) again in the office soon... 🙏⠀ .⠀ 📸 Thanks to @java.minidoodle for the #repost 🙌 ⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀ #WorkingAtScout24 #Scout24Social #PawsOfScout24⠀
Scout24 allows employees to bring their dog to work, and they share this perk on a social wall. Source: Instagram

Social media recruiting examples on social walls are the way to go

Connect with candidates using a social wall. Use it to share information and present your company values. Encourage your employees to post content that creates trust in your company, and utilise this compelling user-generated content on your social wall.

Aggregate content from hashtags, profiles and pages and select the posts you want to display. Then, curate your content and display it on a social wall on your website, microsite, or real-life screen.