2016 in Review:Your Top 10 Blog Posts – The Best Features, Tutorials & Showcases

Wow, it seems just like yesterday, when I’ve had the honour to present you our most popular articles of the year for the very first time! And yet it’s already that time of the year again! And a busy year it was! We’ve added support for several new platforms, launched our amazing social map theme, developed a chatbot – and all that while completely rebranding our landing page, blog and corporate identity! Not to mention the dozens of interviews and social wall showcases, Andie has done a great job of presenting here.

With all that going on, it really is exciting for myself to investigate which topics resonated best with you, dear readers. So, without further ado – it is my pleasure to present you the most popular, most read, most clicked Walls.io blog posts of the year 2016!

10. How to Turn Your Social Wall Into a Social Map: Try Our New Theme Today

Launching a map based, geo-location theme definitely was one of our highlights in 2016! We first displayed a sneak preview of the social map when it was merely an experiment the team played around with during the company retreat Camp404, but since launching it for the #IChoseUMich campaign of Rackham Graduate School publicly, it sure has become a favourite of our customers as well. Read more…

9. Interview With a Social Media Manager: A Guide to Live-Tweeting Your Event

She has live tweeted for TEDxVienna, Pioneers, and the Central European Games Conference, to name just a few. In this reader favourite, Silvia Gaetano shows us how to best prepare for and run live social media management at large events. But be warned: live tweeting requires a lot of preparation, concentration, and the ability to make fast decisions under pressure! Read more…

8. How to Survive Your First Hashtag Hijacking: The Complete Survival Guide

So, your hashtag is finally taking off, and people are loving your campaign and posting like crazy. Then, you spot the first negative post on your social media wall. Soon, another follows and then another. There’s a pit in your stomach as you realise you’re experiencing the social media marketer’s worst nightmare: the hashtag hijacking. Luckily, there’s plenty of things you can do in such situations, and this post explains them all!

7. How to Embed the Walls.io Widget on Your Website

Sometimes it makes sense to take a step back and re-focus on the basics! Like in this post, where I’ve explained the various technicalities involved in embedding the Walls.io widget on your website. While usually a simple matter of “copy/paste”, our widget supports many advanced options like automatically adjusting in height and width or creating your own “Load more…” button. Read my post for all the details…

6. A Free Social Media Wall For Your BarCamp

Ever since launching in 2014, we’ve been proud to provide Walls.io free of charge for BarCamps all around the world. This year was no exception, and so it’s no big surprise that the post announcing our BarCamp promotion (again) is popular with you, dear readers. If you’re running a BarCamp and are interested in Walls.io, read our post and get in contact!

5. Meet Walter! The Facebook Messenger Chatbot That Posts to Your Social Media Wall

Clocking in at position 5 is another super-exciting feature we’ve launched this year! As 2016 night be dubbed the “year of the chatbot” (at least in tech- & social media circles like ours), it probably was no big surprised when the Walls.io team returned from a weekend hackathon with Walter in tow! Walter is a chatbot that allows users to post text, photos and video to your social wall through Facebook Messenger. Turns out, there has never been a faster, easier way to post at an event! Read more…

4. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts:  Here Are Your Super Bowl 50 Hashtags

To quote our editor Andie: “I don’t know much about American football. Okay, that’s a lie. I know nothing at all about American football, except what Friday Night Lights taught me. And, even then, my eyes often glazed over when it came to game stuff. Football is hard”. Not only is American Football hard, but it’s also social at its core, so it only made sense for Andie to explore the social media side of the sport! Not sure if she’s into Football by now, but what I know is that you surely *did* like her post! 🙂

3. #IHATEJEFFSY:  How to Use Hashtags in a Pre-Launch Campaign

We’re getting closer to the top! To find out how you can use hashtag marketing in the course of a pre-launch campaign, we took a closer look at #IHATEJEFFSY, a hashtag campaign by mountain bike manufacturer YT Industries. This was by far your favourite social wall showcase of 2016, and with good reason: YT did everything right in this campaign! Check out our post & interview to learn more!

2. 4 Ways to Ensure Smooth Sailing for Your Social Media Campaign

A great and extensive primer on how to make your social media or hashtag marketing campaign work out great! From choosing the “right” hashtag and spreading it effectively on all channels, to streamlining user generated content and curating & moderating your social media streams – this post hast it all, and that’s probably why you’ve hyped it up into the 2nd position of our 2016 ranking – well done! 🙂

1. 12 Gilmore Girls Reaction Gifs to Get You through the Week

Ok, I’ll not even try to pretend that I understood the hype around Gilmore Girls (neither the original series, nor this years’ revamp), but I do identify a successful blog post, even if I’ve no clue about the topic! Not surprising, this post broke out of our usual content bubble and brought in fresh traffic from Reddit, Stumbleupon etc. All fine with me, as long as you, dear readers, enjoy reading it! 🙂

And with that, we’re winding down for 2016, blog-wise. I want to take the chance to thank you, dear readers, for visiting our blog during the past year. If you’ve any feedback, criticism or suggestions for topics to cover, comment below or email us at blog@walls.io. See you next year! 🙂