Social Media Case Studies That Will Inspire You

Social media case studies to inspire your next campaign

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A meeting with five people in a neutrally decorated room. Three are sitting around a table, with laptops and paper notebooks open. Two are standing in front of a cork board on the wall with post-its on it. Their body language is friendly and they smile as they?re discussing something.

This is a list of social media case studies that will give you the opportunity to learn the basics of running great hashtag campaigns and get some great ideas for your next project.

I am adding new social media case studies to this list every day, so feel free to bookmark this article. For ease of navigation, I grouped the case studies by industry.

Social media case studies for different industries

eCommerce and retail social media case studies

beyerdynamic: hashtags and social commerce

Authentic user-generated content curated and displayed on a website can help turn user-generated content into sales. Here’s a great example of how beyerdynamic, a German manufacturer of audio equipment, is using a social wall as part of its eCommerce website. The social feed connects user-generated content to the products in beyerdynamic’s online store.

Screenshot of the beyerdynamic social wall as it is embedded on the beyerdynamic website. The copy at the top of the page introduces the #beyerdynamic hashtag and explains how people can share using the hashtag for a chance to be featured on the social wall.
beyerdynamic added a “learn more” button to each post from a fan. The buttons lead directly to the product mentioned in the post.

Life is Good: A hashtag campaign for donations

Hashtag campaigns are an excellent tool when it comes to raising donations for a good cause. They boost awareness for an issue and offer an easy way to donate money. The method works well for businesses setting up a donations-for-posts type of campaign, where they donate X amount of money for each post published with a specific hashtag.

One such campaign was the #SomethingGood campaign by clothing brand Life is Good. For every Tweet with the hashtag #SomethingGood, the company donated $1 to the Life is Good Kids Foundation (to which the brand already donates 10% of its profits). The Foundation works to help disadvantaged kids heal from trauma. Read the full #SomethingGood case study.

The two founders of Life is Good, standing next to each other, smiling. The one on the left has a beard and is making a peace sign with his right hand, the one on the right has a beanie on his head. Both have red hair and are wearing Life is Good t-shirts with positive messages printed on them. In the background there's a green truck with a “Life is Good Company” decal on it.

Kids in the Kitchen: Our best practice for hashtag campaigns

We loved the #KidsInTheKitchen hashtag campaign from NatureFresh™ Farms. The great thing about it is just how much it did right, which makes it an excellent best practice example for those who want to learn more about hashtag campaigns.

Among many other things, I love how clear the campaign was about what kind of user-generated content they were looking for. The #KidsInTheKitchen campaign used the campaign microsite as well as various posts on Instagram to very clearly lay out how to take part in the hashtag campaign. This is something that makes it a lot easier for people to submit user-generated content because they know what the brand would like to see from them.

There’s a lot more to be said about this awesome campaign, and you can read all about it in the #KidsInTheKitchen case study.

Screenshot of the landing page for the Kids In The Kitchen campaign on the NatureFresh™ Farms website. The heading says “Explore Our Gallery Of #KidsInTheKitchen Inspiration” above the embedded social wall. KidsInTheKitchen social  media case study.

Education social media case studies

Case Western Reserve University: Social media strengthens campus community

The Case Western Reserve University campus in Ohio has set up a large-scale social wall in the campus’ main social hub. At this point, the wall has been up for almost three years, bridging the gap between online and offline for the university’s students, staff, alumni, and university sponsors.

The multi-storey, two-part LED media wall is the first thing you see when walking into the building, and it prominently shows the two CWRU social walls. The media wall serves as a point of information and connection for the campus community. With content supplied from various departments around the university, there’s always something new to see on the wall.

A closer shot of the Tink media wall at Case Western University, showing the social walls on the top part of the wall, called the Beacon.
The two-storey media wall at the Tinkham Veale University Center at Case Western Reserve University.

There’s so much more interesting information about how CWRU uses the social walls and what they’ve learned and improved over the years of using them. You can read all about it in our CWRU case study.

The State University of New York engages students in a university-wide initiative

SUNY uses a social wall for events connected to a university-wide initiative that aims to provide support for victims and survivors of sexual and interpersonal violence. Students and community members post photos and messages which are shown on the social wall during events. This helps attendees engage individually and collectively with the program in real-time.

The SUNY’s Got Your Back social wall displayed on a screen. In front of the display, there’s a blue banner with the SUNY logo and the SUNY’s Got Your Back logo. The social media post currently shown on the screen alerts people to a SUNY’s Got Your Back campus event in 3 days. state university of New York Social media case study.

Events Social Media Case Studies

DMEXCO: Big trade show, big on social media strategy

DMEXCO, an annual trade fair for the digital marketing and advertising industry, displayed social media content posted by visitors using their official hashtags on various points throughout the sprawling event location. Among them were two social walls incorporated into big digital signage screens along the DMEXCO Boulevard.

The large displays hung from the ceiling on this thoroughfare of the trade show were clearly visible to visitors and introduced the social wall and hashtags.

Large hall at DMEXCO 2019, white and airy, huge windows, an info stall from koelnmesse in the background. People are moving through the space. High above their heads, a large electronic display board shows the way to hall 8 as well as displaying a post on the DMEXCO social media wall, which is embedded on the screen.
The Boulevard at DMEXCO excellently lends itself to being displayed on big screens. We even have some layouts created especially for big displays, like our Bricks layout, for example.

Healthcare social media case studies

Janssen is using a social media feed to share the latest innovations

Janssen, a pharmaceutical company, is using a social wall to share information about their latest news. They display the social wall prominently on their homepage to allow their visitors to easily explore their latest achievements and activities. By using a real-time social feed, they keep their website up to date with content they already created for their social media channels. Read the full case study.

Screenshot of the Janssen website with the latest news about a potential COVID-19 vaccine at the top of the page, and the social wall embedded right underneath that. The social wall carries the heading “Explore Janssen on Social Media” and shows various tweets and Facebook posts by Janssen.

Rochester Regional Health uses social media to spread joy during the crisis

Rochester Regional Health, a health services organisation in the New York area, has used a social wall to build a digital neighbourhood that brings hope, warmth, and a spirit of kindness to everyone in their community during the COVID-19 outbreak. They encourage their community to post and interact, which creates a sense of belonging. Especially during times of isolation, the social wall offers a way to maintain engagement with the community and to uplift their mental well being. Read the full case study.

Instagram post by @rocregional as shown on the social wall. The image features the heading “Self-Care” and gives four tips illustrated by drawings. “Do some light stretches” is shown next to a character doing an arm stretch. “Practice meditation” is illustrated with a person sitting in lotus position. Next to a notebook with a hand writing into it it says “Write down 3 things you’re grateful for”. And next to a drawn broom it says “Take time to organize a space in your home”. The caption says: “Three things we're grateful for: 1) Our community 2) Our staff 3) Pictures of kids and pups with signs that say #stayhome 🐶👶 #RRHSpreadJoy”

University Hospital Münster uses social media to educate their visitors and patients

University Hospital Münster stands for cutting-edge medicine within the German hospital landscape. They use a social wall on their homepage to educate the public, provide a behind-the-scenes look into their work and disseminate information about their latest progress in research. They also use it for fundraising and to encourage people to donate blood or goods.

An Instagram post by @ukmuenster as displayed on the social wall. It shows a patient being examined with a big machine (a cardiac catheter is being checked). The caption is in German and reads: “In den letzten Wochen suchen deutlich weniger Patienten Hausärzte oder auch Krankenhäuser auf – auch wenn sie erhebliche gesundheitliche Probleme haben. Wir möchten betonen: Die Versorgung schwerkranker Patienten bleibt bei uns am UKM auch in Zeiten von Covid-19 natürlich sichergestellt! ✅🏥 Zum Schutz von Patienten und Mitarbeitenden vor einer möglichen Infektion setzt beispielsweise die Kardiologie am UKM bei Herzkatheter-Untersuchungen unter anderem eine Bleiglaskabine ein. Auch wenn alle elektiven ambulanten Vorstellungen und stationären Aufnahmen aktuell abgesagt werden, werden dringende oder notfallmäßige kardiologische Untersuchungen und auch dringende Ablationsbehandlungen von Herzrhythmusstörungen sowie Operationen fortgeführt. Falls bei einem Patienten eine Herzkatheter-Untersuchung erforderlich ist, werden seitens der Mitarbeitenden alle erdenklichen Maßnahmen getroffen, um die Patienten und sich selbst bestmöglich zu schützen - wie in allen anderen Bereichen am UKM. ☎️ Grundsätzlich gilt natürlich weiterhin: Bei medizinischen Notfällen immer die 112 wählen - auch an Ostern und anderen Feiertagen im Jahr! 🆘 #ostern #ukmuenster #besteVersorgung #kardiologie #herzkatheter #coronavirus #covid19”

Nonprofit Social Media Case Studies

Miriam’s Kitchen supports the homeless during pandemic using social media

People on social media can help increase the visibility and support of the sometimes forgotten frontline workers — those who are taking care of vulnerable neighbors experiencing homelessness.

The team at Miriam’s Kitchen continues to provide vital services to the homeless in the D.C. area. Part of the effort is a campaign to drum up support, both financial and material, to ensure Miriam’s Kitchen can continue to work.

We’re happy to support them with a social wall and we talked to Mei Powers, Chief Development Officer at Miriam’s Kitchen, to find out more about how the microsite and social wall are helping the charity continue to do its work. Read the full case study!

Person is sitting at a table and eating from a beige tray, holding plastic cutlery in their right hand. While looking at their food tray, they have a big smile on their face and are giving the camera a thumbs up with the left hand.

Tourism social media case studies

Vienna Tourist Board uses social media to attract tourists

The official online travel guide for the city of Vienna offers information about sights, event and hotel bookings, and historical information. They are using a second social wall on a microsite that is dedicated to Viennese modernism to engage with visitors and citizens alike. They display stunning visual content on their social walls that makes you want to visit those places in the city. Read the full case study.

Woman during autumn at the Belvedere palace in Vienna. Featured image for the Vienna Tourist Board Uses Social Media Content to Attract Tourists blog post. tourism Social media case study.

What makes a great social media case study

Ultimately, a great campaign happens because you put everything you’ve got into it. You plan properly, you execute well, and you stay on your toes to manage whatever comes your way during the run of the campaign. However, our case studies have shown us that there are a few things that can help campaigns stand out.

Draw attention to your social wall and hashtags

For one, drawing attention to your social wall helps boost people’s awareness of the hashtag. And one way to do that is to display your social wall on big screens at the location where they’re most likely to draw attention.

Both DMEXCO and CWRU have implemented big walls, albeit in completely different ways. For a short-term event, you will likely have to use what’s available at your location — from digital signage to whatever displays are feasible.

Meanwhile, if you’re setting up a social wall long-term as CWRU has done, it can absolutely make sense to create a specific solution that works for the space you have. The media wall in the Tink building is impressive, but it is also absolutely clear that a lot of work and planning has gone into its creation and maintenance.

Embrace social commerce; it’s here to stay

beyerdynamic combines user-generated content and eCommerce into social commerce, but they will definitely not be the last to do so. Social commerce is a big trend, and we believe it will continue to be just that.

We already know that user-generated content is effective at convincing potential customers to buy, so it makes sense to use UGC to actually fuel purchases. Make it easy for your fans to get straight from another user’s recommendation to the product they’re praising. Shorten the journey and start converting better.

Hopefully, you will let our showcases inspire you to make your own campaigns even better. And, who knows, maybe it’ll be your own project being praised in this blog post.