18 Social Media Content Ideas (With Examples)

Proven Social Media Content Ideas Inspired by Real Brand Posts

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Coming up with good social media content ideas can sometimes seem impossible, but it’s crucial to keeping your brand relevant and connected. This guide offers 18 fun, real-world ideas with examples to help you visualize what you can create. 

Whether you’re a B2B company, running events, or a small shop, these social media content ideas will help you engage your online audience.

Social media content ideas for B2B

B2B marketing is all about finding ways to talk to a professional audience. The more specific, the better. Check out these social media content ideas that do just that.

1. Influencer collaborations

At first glance, influencer marketing might sound more like a B2C move. But it’s not. Experts in every industry must stay informed of the latest in their field, and following niche influencers is a common practice among professionals. So, partnering with industry influencers that resonate with your B2B audience is a great social media content idea.

Example: Monday collaborated with Ellie Mids during ADHD Awareness Month to share some of their favorite ADHDers’ tips on staying organized.

Why it works: By collaborating with industry influencers with a dedicated following in a specific field, your business can engage more directly and effectively with its target audience. 

A young woman with reddish-brown hair, wearing round glasses and a white t-shirt under a pink dress, is seated in a room with a vibrant, artsy decor. She is smiling at the camera, and there is text overlay that reads "neurodivergence" with other elements such as "GOOD VIBES" on a sign, suggesting a positive, inclusive message, likely related to ADHD awareness.
Source: Monday, Instagram 

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2. Holiday countdowns

Summer, Easter, Christmas, or even Pizza Day… there are hundreds of holidays throughout the year to create a countdown. As long as the holidays are relevant to your audience, creating a countdown with unique social media content will engage them.

Example: Canva created a 12 Days of Magic Studio holiday countdown, in which each day they would share a task such as “comment your favorite Magic Studio tool and tell us the most meaningful way you’ve used it” for a chance to win a prize.

Why it works: Countdowns naturally create a sense of anticipation and excitement. By counting down to a holiday or special event, you invite your audience to actively participate over a period of time, which can significantly increase engagement.

Six images of wrapped gifts in various colors with patterned ribbons, labeled from 'Day 1' to 'Day 6'. Each gift represents a different day of "12 Days of Magic Studio" event, with a cohesive aesthetic suitable for a promotional campaign or a festive countdown.
Source: Canva, Instagram

3. Video tutorials

I search for video tutorials at least 3 times per week. Your audience is undoubtedly doing the same. So, one savvy social media content idea is to share informative HEVC videos about your products. Start simple with “how to sign up” and slowly move up to more complicated topics.

Example: Canva posts easy-to-follow Reel tutorials on Instagram, such as “Making a BTS video using Canva’s Video Editor.”

Why it works: By offering tutorials, you provide valuable information that helps users understand and use your products more effectively.

A close-up of someone's hands holding a smartphone, which displays a behind-the-scenes photo within a video editing application. There is text overlay that reads "Making a BTS video using Canva's Video editor," suggesting an instructional or promotional content for Canva's video editing capabilities. (social media content ideas)
Source: Canva, Instagram

4. Customer Testimonials 

Customer testimonials are like little nuggets of gold that showcase how awesome your products or services are through the eyes of your satisfied customers. These testimonials are social proof, assuring potential customers that your business is the real deal.

Example: Monday showcased a satisfied customer’s X (Tweet) on Instagram.

Why it works: This social media content idea shows potential customers that others have used your products and are satisfied and willing to publicly vouch for you.

A screenshot of a social media testimonial from 'Hollywood Branded', praising a platform for its utility in organizing their marketing agency's tasks. The post is set against a yellow background with the company's green logo, and mentions enjoying using the platform on 'Monday', indicating a positive customer experience. (social media content ideas)
Source: Monday, Instagram

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5. Partner spotlight

Highlight your business partnerships and collaborations via videos or posts. Ask the partner to post a video or quote of you or the CEO of your company on their channels as well. 

Example: Monday shines a spotlight on a partner by posting a short video interview on Instagram. In the video, the partner explains how long they have been partners and how they benefit each other.

Why it works: Highlighting business partnerships, especially through reciprocal content sharing, extends your brand’s reach to your partner’s audience. It also adds credibility to your business.

A screenshot from a social media post featuring an older man named John Chlopek from 'Inovus Technologies', sitting in a casual office setting. He's wearing a blue zip-up vest and is about to speak, with a caption introducing him as a partner from Chicago. The post underscores a partnership ecosystem. (social media content ideas)
Source: Monday, Instagram

6. “What’s new” monthly post

One easy and effective social media content idea is updating your audience with monthly posts about new features. Just ask anyone in charge of product development what they are working on to plan ahead of time.

Example: Canva informs followers about the latest updates through their monthly “What’s new” Reels. They even feature two versions of this type of update, one about Canva and one about other Apps they like and partner with.

Why it works: Regular updates on new features keep your audience engaged with your brand’s progress. They show that your company continually evolves, which can maintain and even increase user interest over time.

A laptop screen showing a title slide with the words "What's NEW? APPS EDITION" and the date "NOVEMBER 2023". The post seems to introduce new applications or features within the Canva platform, emphasizing innovation and updates in their service offerings.
Source: Canva, Instagram

Social media content ideas for events

Make your events the talk of the town with these tried-and-true social media content ideas. From countdowns to live updates, learn how to keep your audience engaged before, during, and after the event.

7. Countdown posts

Countdown posts are an excellent social media content idea for building anticipation. By sharing daily or weekly countdowns, you create a sense of excitement around an upcoming event, product launch, or special occasion.

Example: SXSW uses countdown posts on X (Twitter) as early as 100 days before the event day.

Why it works: Countdown posts allow followers to mark in their calendars when your upcoming event will take place. In the case of SXSW, a top-rated event, it gives the audience enough time to plan their trips ahead of time. 

A person stands under a street sign for Congress Avenue in the historic district, holding up a cube with directional arrows above their head. The tweet celebrates 100 days until SXSW 2024, with a clear blue sky in the background.
Source: SXSW, X

8. Speaker spotlights

This one is a no-brainer. Introduce key speakers and their topics through short video interviews or posts with their names and bios. Sometimes, adding their names is more than enough if they are pretty famous.

Example: OMR introduces their 2024 speakers on an Instagram carousel.

Why it works: Sharing speaker bios, accomplishments, and topics gives your audience a preview of the quality and relevance of the content they can expect.

Bonus: Grab this free social media content calendar template to keep your ideas and cross-channel publishing schedule organized.

A promotional image featuring Tim Ferriss in black and white, with the text "TIM FERRISS" and hashtag "#OMR24" overlaid. The image is likely from a speaker announcement for the OMR (Online Marketing Rockstars) Festival. (social media content ideas)
Source: OMR, Instagram

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9. Event agenda teasers

Similar to the speaker spotlights, share snippets of the agenda to give attendees a taste of what to expect.

Example: Web Summit teases its Day 2 agenda on Instagram. All they provide is the title of the talk without any further detail. 

Why it works: An agenda teaser gives your audience a preview of the content they can expect. And by omitting the talk’s description, attendees grow more curious. 

A graphic listing the agenda for "Day 2: Top talks" at an event, featuring topics on storytelling, technology in education, humor, AI training, and Japan's use of virtual characters, suggesting a diverse range of subjects for a conference.
Source: Web Summit, Instagram


10. User-generated content

Repost 👏 everything 👏 attendees 👏 tag you on 👏. Give your attendee’s posts their 15 minutes (or seconds if it’s an Instagram Story) of fame by reposting whatever they tag you on. This will show other potential attendees how excited they are, or were about participating in your event.

Example: AI & Big Data World Expo reposted a LinkedIn post from an attendee excited about goind to their expo.

Why it works: Reposting UGC, like attendee posts, creates a sense of community and authentic engagement around your event or brand. 

A person holds a badge for the "AI & Big Data Expo World Series" at Olympia London, indicating their participation as a data scientist named Mark Stent from BPP. The badge serves as a personal identifier for the event, which focuses on AI and data governance.
Source: AI & Big Data World Expo, LinkedIn

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11. Event recap

TikTok and Instagram Reels are so easy to put together nowadays. That’s why a short-form video event recap is a great social media content idea for events. Share a video summarizing key moments and use your clips or UGC you were tagged in by attendees.

Example: Check out SXSW’s TikTok for inspiration.

Why it works: It’s easy and memorable! Use a CapCut or Reel template, add short glimpses of the event, then hit post. Easy peasy. 

12. Polls or surveys

People like to express their opinions, and this applies to event attendees. Use polls to gauge attendee preferences for topics, speakers, or activities and use the input for future events.

Example: Web Summit uses polls on Instagram for this purpose.

Why this works: Even though the Instagram post is only an image, followers know what topics to choose for the next event. 

A social media poll graphic asking "What would you like to see at #WebSummit2023?" with options for Crypto, AI, Sustainability, and a prompt for other suggestions, indicating an engagement post to gather attendee interests for the summit. (social media content ideas)
Source: Web Summit, Instagram

Social media content ideas for small businesses

Small businesses can have a significant impact on an online audience with the right content approach. Explore these easy and budget-friendly social media content ideas to connect with your community and build a loyal customer base.

13. Questions

If you’re starting freelancing or as a small business owner, spark conversations by posting relevant questions to your audience. Test the waters by asking people what service they are interested in.

Example: Isabella Bedoya uses LinkedIn to engage her followers and asks them what content they want to see from her.

Why it works: Posting relevant questions is a practical social media content idea. It initiates conversations and encourages your followers to share their thoughts.

A screenshot of a social media poll by Isabella Bedoya asking her followers what would be most helpful for them in 2024. Options include starting a YouTube channel, one free monthly LinkedIn live, a $29/month subscription, or one weekly newsletter, with the poll showing 294 votes and 2 hours left.
Source: Isabella Bedoya, LinkedIn

14. Infographics

No one can say no to a nice and informative infographic. So take the chance to convince your audience about the effectiveness of your products by sharing visually appealing infographics.

Example: Venngage posts a variety of infographics on LinkedIn, all about interesting topics for their target audience.

Why it works: Infographics present complex information visually and are easy to understand. This format is often more visually appealing than plain text, making it a great social media content idea.

An infographic posted by Venngage on social media, asking if viewers are spending too much time on content production for marketing. It shows a circular graph depicting percentages of time spent per week producing content in 2023, with segments for less than 2 hours to more than 20 hours. (social media content ideas)
Source: Venngage, LinkedIn


Inspire potential users by posting positive customer testimonials on your favorite social media platforms.

Example: Walls.io shares quotes from their happy customers on LinkedIn. 

Why it works: This social media content idea shows potential customers that others have used your products and are satisfied and willing to publicly vouch for you.

A tweet from Walls.io about how nonprofits can benefit from using a social wall, featuring a quote and a headshot of Sina Albert, Social Media Manager/PR at Wissensfabrik – Unternehmen für Deutschland e.V., praising the tool's ability to draw attention at events.
Source: Walls.io, X

16. Memes

Nothing better to connect with your audience than using humor and trending memes! 

Example: Walls.io shares memes related to their products and industry on LinkedIn.

Why it works: Sharing industry or product-related memes can create a lighthearted connection with your audience. This approach humanizes your brand and makes it more entertaining.

A LinkedIn post from Walls.io featuring a meme with an animated character, Professor Farnsworth from Futurama, with the caption "WHEN YOU DISCOVER WALLS.IO AND REALIZE IT'S A SOCIAL MEDIA GOLDMINE!" This suggests excitement about discovering the platform's benefits for boosting website traffic and engagement.
Source: Walls.io, LinkedIn

17. Sneak peeks

Another engaging social media content idea is to tease upcoming products or services to build excitement. You can tease the official release in many ways, whether it’s an opening or a requested feature. 

Example: Cupcake Jemma offered a sneak peek of her new shop via YouTube before its official opening.

Why it works: Sneak peeks create a sense of anticipation and excitement. Offering a peek behind the curtains will make your users feel more connected to your brand.

18. Go live

This guide’s final social media content idea is to host live sessions on YouTube, Instagram, or your platform of choice. This way, you interact directly with your audience and answer their questions.

Example: Cupcake Jemma announced a YouTube Live on her Instagram account, including the event’s date and details. 

Why it works: Hosting live sessions allows you to interact directly and in real-time with your audience. It fosters a feeling of closeness, establishing a stronger connection between your audience and your brand.

A YouTube thumbnail photo from Cupcake Jemma inviting followers to a "LET'S GO LIVE!" event on YouTube, with a woman smiling at the camera, standing behind a tray of cookies. The post details the event's timing as every Monday at 1 pm and encourages engagement with the brand's activities. (social media content ideas)
Source: CupcakeJemma, Instagram