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Inspiring Social Media Feed Website Embed Examples in Different Industries

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Check out these great examples of social media feed website embeds and create yours for free in less than 5 minutes. Collect content from multiple social media platforms and showcase posts, photos, and videos on your website.

Why embed social media feeds on your website

There are many advantages to using a social media feed embed. First, your social content adds a fresh feel to your website by showing that you’re active online and interacting with your customers and fans. And it can show what people are saying about your brand. And who better to talk about you, your products, or your services than your loyal customers?

Adding a live social media feed on your website will help you:

  • Increase conversions
  • Keep your website fresh
  • Make your visitors engage
  • Expand your online network
  • Increase brand awareness

Engage your website visitors with a custom social feed.

Create a social feed with videos and posts collected from multiple social media channels and embed it on your website to engage your visitors.

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How to embed a social feed on a website

Walls.io social media feeds are responsive and very easy to embed on any website. Here are some options for adding a feed to your website:

Social media feed on website embed examples

Ferrari engages website visitors with a live Twitter and Instagram feed

Ferrari uses a live social media feed on the races.ferrari.com and formula1.ferrari.com subdomains to display live social media updates from several social platforms. This helps Ferrari keep the website up to date by reusing the content that the social media team already publishes on the official social media channels.

Ferrari social media feed on website example
Social feed example: Ferrari

Engage your website visitors with a custom social feed.

Create a social feed with videos and posts collected from multiple social media channels and embed it on your website to engage your visitors.

Try it for free!

Helvetia Group shares customer success stories through a social feed

Show off positive reviews from patients on-site or on your website. When a patient posts a review of your services on social media and tags you, you can collect it and show it on a social media feed on your website to make website visitors trust your services. The social feed will automatically collect and display any future reviews. Of course, you can moderate which reviews are collected by the social wall with our advanced moderation tools.

Helvetia Group, a Swiss insurance company, shares customer success stories on social media, which they display on their website’s social wall. 

Screenshot of a Facebook post that tells the story of a single mom that uses Helvetia insurance.
Helvetia tells the story of a single mom who trusts their services. Source: Facebook.

Wallpapers from the 70s use a social media feed to display trustworthy content

Visual marketing with user-generated content is one of the most trusted forms of marketing. Consumers trust the content that other customers share. They are searching for authentic stories, and inspiration to validate their purchasing decisions.

Wallpaper from the 70s uses a social media feed to collect and display trustworthy and inspiring content shared by their customers. They encourage customers to use one of their hashtags or tag the company when they share their wallpaper on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Their social media feed embed is spectacular. Check it out and learn how they use the user-generated content for eCommerce.

Wallpaper from the 70s contest page displaying a social media feed showing customer photos from Instagram and Facebook. At the top of the page they encourage customer to share user0generated content: "We are proud of our wallpapers - and so are our customers: Let others inspire you to find out what can be done with wallpapers. Every day new pictures are added which show us many ideas we hadn't thought of yet." At the bottom of the page they have another call-to-action encouraging their customers to share photos of their creations and get the possibility to win 1000 EUR cashback.
Social feed example: Wallpaper from the 70s

Dallas Mavs use social media feeds to engage their fans

The Dallas Mavs made social media feeds a firm part of their overall communication strategy. They use it as a fast and easy way to connect with fans in real-time even when they’re not currently in the stadium, continuously publishing new high-quality content on their social media channels.

To utilize already published social content on the website, they embedded a social hub on the Dallas Mavs homepage. The widget collects all relevant social media posts from various social media channels and displays them unified in one central place. It blends perfectly with the team’s CI.

Dallas Mavs NBA Team Social Media Hub on website
Social media feed on website examples: Dallas Mavs

Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital use social feeds for fundraising, carreers pages and more

Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital created a custom social media feed embed for each of the service pages on their website. There’s a heart wall, autism, and neurodevelopmental disorder wall. They are also using separate social feed embeds relevant to their donations and careers pages. 

Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital Careers page social media feed embed

beyerdynamic uses a social feed to display authentic product content

beyerdynamic, a German audio equipment manufacturer, uses a social media feed as part of its eCommerce website. The social feed connects user-generated content to the products in beyerdynamic’s online store. The company is using Walls.io to connect customers’ social media posts to the relevant products in the eCommerce shop.

social media feed on the  beyerdynamic website including ecommerce buttons
Social media feed examples: beyerdynamic

Deutsche Bank showcase career success stories using social feed embeds

Deutsche Bank offers a dual education system where people combine an apprenticeship at the bank with a Bachelor’s program. In addition, the bank created a social media feed to showcase students’ stories and celebrate their success as they approach graduation day. 

The feed is embedded on the bank’s careers page for other people to see and feel inspired to enroll in the program.  

Screenshot of Deutsche Bank’s social feed displaying four success stories of students enrolled in their dual (education and apprenticeship) program.
Deutsche Bank displays success stories of students enrolled in their dual (education and apprenticeship) program.

The city of Ingolstadt keeps the community informed with a social media newsroom

Ingolstadt, a city in Bavaria in Germany, set up a social wall using various sources that produce Ingolstadt-relevant content. This social media newsroom is displayed in the waiting area of the municipal office and also embedded on the Ingolstadt website.

A social media newsroom is a fantastic way to keep citizens up-to-date on anything and everything going on in a city, town, or village. Setting up a social wall saves time and effort because you can use content that’s already being posted on social media.

Screenshot of the social media newsroom embed on the Ingolstadt website. It shows posts from various sources, such as the city, the mayor, the fire brigade, cultural institutions and a construction company.
The Ingolstadt social media newsroom combines content posted by the city, the mayor, cultural institutions, the fire brigade, local businesses, and many more.

Memphis Grizzlies made social feeds part of their communication strategy

The Memphis Grizzlies use social media feeds to showcase social content on various websites that they are running. The content of each social feed adapts to the content of the website it’s embedded on. All social feeds are styled to fit the design of the site as well.

Here we have two different social walls; one embedded on Grizzlies.com, the other one on FedExForum.com. The two walls are styled entirely differently, each one adapted to fit the website it’s embedded on.

Screenshot of Grizzlies.com website with the social wall embedded. The wall is styled to blend in with the website?s design and colours.

The social wall on: nba.com/grizzlies
Screenshot of FedExForum.com website with the social wall embedded. The wall is styled in to blend in with the website?s design and colours, for example by using tile colours in the three FedExForum colours blue, orange and purple.
The social wall on FedExForum.com.

The Grizzlies switched to Walls.io from a competitor and have since set up multiple social media walls, all to an impeccable standard. They’ve fully integrated social walls with their online marketing strategy.

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Montpellier Airport use a social feed to keep their website up to date and engage travellers

Montpellier Airport combines content from all its social media channels in a branded social media feed on its website. It keeps the website up to date by re-purposing the content that the social media team creates for Montpellier Airport’s social media channels. The social media feed inspires travelers and helps them discover new destinations. The airport uses it also to share the latest news and offers.

Montpellier Airport  website social feed
Social media feed on website examples: Montpellier Airport

University of Miami Health System uses a social feed as part of their communication hub

Thousands of universities around the world are using social media to engage with their students. They use social media walls like Walls.io to embed long-term custom social feeds on their websites. Social media feed embeds are a great place for providing information about the university, giving people an insight into what’s going on, attracting new students, and creating a connection between students, staff, alumni, visitors, etc.

University of Miami Health System embedded a social media feed on their website as part of their communications hub page.

University of Miami Health System embedded social media feed displaying a few Twitter messages.
University of Miami Health System made a social media wall part of their communication hub.

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