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Inspiring Social Media Feed Website Embed Examples in Different Industries

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In this post, you’ll find some excellent social media feed on website examples. You can also try and create your own social feed in less than 5 minutes. Collect content from multiple social media platforms, collect UGC with a direct upload form, and showcase posts, photos, and videos.

Why embed a social media feed on your website?

There are many advantages to using a social media feed embed. First, your social content adds a fresh feel to your website by showing you’re active online and interacting with your customers and fans. It can also help you display relevant user-generated content from fans and customers.

Adding a live social media feed on your website will help you:

  • Increase conversions
  • Keep your website fresh
  • Make your visitors engage
  • Expand your online network
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Strengthen employer branding
  • Improve corporate communication

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How to embed a social media feed on a website? social media feeds are responsive and easy to embed on any website. Here are some options for adding a feed to your website:

Social feed website embed examples from different industries

Social feeds have become indispensable in various industries. Entertainment industry brands utilize them to share behind-the-scenes content, trailers, and interviews. Fashion brands showcase their latest collections and engage with fashion enthusiasts. Technology companies announce product launches and connect with tech enthusiasts and attract great talent. These interactive feeds strengthen relationships, enhance communication, and drive engagement and loyalty.

We’ve compiled a few examples of brands using social media feeds powered by in various industries and for different use cases. Read on! In the “Source” section below each image, you’ll find a link to the live feed on the brand’s website.


Social media feeds on an automotive brand’s website enhance engagement, credibility, and reach by providing authentic content, up-to-date information, and seamless sharing, leading to increased conversions and a stronger online presence. Below are some great examples of brands in the automotive industry using a social media feed on their website.

Ferrari engages website visitors with a live Twitter and Instagram feed

Ferrari uses a live social media feed on the and subdomains to display live social media updates from several social platforms. This helps Ferrari keep the website current by reusing the content the social media team publishes on the official social media channels.

Engage your website visitors with a custom social feed.

Create a social feed with videos and posts collected from multiple social media channels and embed it on your website to engage your visitors.

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Embedding a social media feed on a higher education institution’s website enhances student engagement, showcases a dynamic learning environment, builds credibility with user-generated content, fosters networking and collaboration, and expands the institution’s online reach. Below are some great examples of higher education institutions using a social media feed to keep students informed and engaged.

The University of Miami uses a social media feed as part of their communication hub

Thousands of universities worldwide are using social media to engage with their students. They use social media walls like to embed long-term custom social feeds on their websites. Social media feed embeds are an excellent place for providing information about the university, giving people an insight into what’s happening, attracting new students, and creating a connection between students, staff, alums, visitors, etc.

University of Miami Health System embedded a social media feed on their website as part of the communications hub page.

The City University of London keeps their campus up-to-date with a social media directory

The City University of London maintains an up-to-date social media directory by embedding content from different channels using a social feed. The university shares announcements, campus event promotions, and academic achievements through various social media platforms and supports student life by offering resources and guidance.

Social media also aids in connecting and engaging with the alum network, showcasing campus life, and building a sense of community.

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Embedding a social media feed on an entertainment brand’s website enhances engagement and credibility with user-generated content, expands marketing reach, and encourages cross-platform integration. Here are some great examples of brands from the entertainment industry using a social media feed to connect to their audience.

REELZ connects TV show fans with a social media feed

REELZ uses social feeds embedded on the live stream website of their hit original series, On Patrol: Live to engage the audience, amplify the show’s impact, and connect with viewers. With over 80K brand & user-generated posts collected, the social walls foster a sense of community, expand the show’s reach through online conversations, and enhance the overall visibility and impact of the series.

WETA uses social feeds and Polls to get feedback from viewers

WETA creates a vibrant sense of community by seamlessly integrating a social feed into the landing page of their PBS Iconic America TV show. This ingenious feature encourages viewers to actively participate in the conversation on social media and voice their opinions through interactive polls. The benefits are twofold: the audience gains a platform to express their thoughts, while the production team gathers valuable feedback.

ProSiebenSat1 elevates candidate experience with a social wall

ProSiebenSat1’s newsroom social wall, powered by, offers an immersive glimpse into the company’s vibrant work culture and daily life by aggregating content from their careers-focused Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok accounts. This perfectly branded integration ensures the social media feed blends seamlessly with the website, enhancing the candidate experience and strengthening the company’s employer brand.

The Oakland Zoo uses social media feeds to attract visitors

The Oakland Zoo displays a live video feed with Twitter, TikTok, and Direct Posts as a source on a screen at their main entrance plaza. The user-generated content from diverse sources brings positive energy to people who just walked into the zoo. They also have a social media feed embedded on their homepage.

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Financial services

Incorporating a social media feed on a financial services brand’s website enhances engagement and credibility through user-generated content, demonstrates expertise, improves customer communication, and expands marketing reach. Below are some great examples of financial services brands using a social media feed to bring their website to life.

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Vienna Insurance Group keeps their press page up to date with social media news

Keeping the press page updated with a social media news section offers several significant benefits for Vienna Insurance Group. Firstly, it enhances their communication and engagement with their audience. By sharing timely updates and news, the company can reach a broader and more diverse audience, including customers, stakeholders, and potential investors, thereby increasing brand visibility and awareness.

LinkedIn page live updates published automatically on their press page enable Vienna Insurance Group to share accurate information directly from the company’s official channels without extra effort.

Maintaining an up-to-date social media news section helps build and maintain strong relationships with the public and key stakeholders, fostering trust and loyalty towards the brand.

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Helvetia Group shares customer success stories through a social feed

Show off social proof from patients on-site or on your website. When a patient posts a review of your services on social media and tags you, you can collect it and show it on a social media feed to make visitors trust your services. The social feed will automatically collect and display any future reviews. Of course, you can moderate which reviews the social wall collects with our advanced moderation tools.

Helvetia Group, a Swiss insurance company, shares customer success stories on social media, which they display on their website’s social wall. 

Screenshot of a Facebook post that tells the story of a single mom that uses Helvetia insurance.
Helvetia tells the story of a single mom who trusts their services. Source: Facebook.

Food & Beverages

Integrating a social media feed on a website in the food and beverages industry brings numerous benefits, including increased engagement with captivating visuals and recipes, building trust through user-generated content, fostering a sense of community, staying updated with trends, gaining audience insights, improving website traffic, and cross-platform promotion. This dynamic addition enhances the brand’s online presence, drives potential sales, and creates a cohesive brand image across various social media channels. Below are some great examples of food & beverage brands using a social media feed to showcase their products.

Kikkoman USA uses a brand TikTok and Instagram social feed to inspire & engage visitors

Integrating a branded TikTok and Instagram social feed on the Kikkoman USA website offers many benefits, inspiring and connecting with visitors in a modern and engaging way. The feed captures visitors ‘ attention through creative and visually appealing content, showcasing products innovatively and building a sense of community by encouraging user-generated content. Leveraging trends and gaining insights into audience preferences enhance the brand’s online presence, driving more traffic and fostering brand loyalty among customers.

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Government and international organizations

Embedding a social media feed on a government institution’s website enhances transparency, improves communication during emergencies, encourages citizen engagement, promotes inclusivity, and fosters closer relationships with the public. Below are some great examples of websites using a social media feed to bring their website to life.

The city of Ingolstadt keeps the community informed with a social media newsroom

Ingolstadt, a city in Bavaria in, Germany, set up a social wall using various sources that produce Ingolstadt-relevant content. This social media newsroom is displayed in the waiting area of the municipal office and also embedded on the Ingolstadt website.

A social media newsroom is a fantastic way to keep citizens up-to-date on everything in a city, town, or village. Setting up a social wall saves time and effort because you can use content already posted on social media.


Embedding a social media feed on a healthcare brand’s website enhances engagement and credibility, showcases expertise, improves communication, and expands reach within the healthcare community. Below are some great examples of websites using a social media feed in healthcare.

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Pfizer Italia uses a Facebook feed to keep their homepage up-to-date

Pfizer Italia utilizes a Facebook feed on its homepage to effectively inform and engage its audience. The dynamic content stream includes corporate updates, public health awareness, community engagement, educational materials, employee spotlights, promotional content, and interactive elements. This approach helps Pfizer Italia maximize its online presence, reaching a broader audience and fostering a closer connection with its followers and website visitors.

Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital use social media feeds for fundraising and more

Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital created a custom social media feed embedded for each of the service pages on their website. There’s a heart wall, autism, and neurodevelopmental disorder wall. They also use separate social feed embeds relevant to their donations and careers pages. 

Did you know you can now also collect content beyond social media? Enable the Direct Posts feature and allow your visitors to upload content to the your social wall directly. Engage your audience, even if they don’t use social media or prefer more privacy.

Janssen use a social media feed to share their latest innovations

Pharmaceutical company Janssen uses a social media feed to share their latest news. They display the social feed prominently on the Janssen homepage, allowing visitors to explore the company’s latest achievements and activities.


Embedding a social feed on a manufacturing brand website brings real-time updates, improves engagement with user-generated content, and fosters trust through social proof. It builds community, showcases product use cases, and enhances visual appeal, attracting more social followers and benefiting SEO efforts. Additionally, it provides insights into audience preferences, encouraging visitors to connect with the brand’s social media accounts and increasing overall website appeal. Below are some great examples of manufacturing brands using a social media feed on their websites.

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Danfoss uses a social feed embed to celebrate its anniversary and collect UGC

Danfoss engineers solutions that increase machine productivity, reduce emissions, lower energy consumption, and enable electrification. Danfoss celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2023, and they created a campaign asking their employees to share a moment that made them proud. They have a dedicated landing page where they use a social wall embed to collect content posted through Direct Posts or using the #DanfossMoment hashtag on different social networks.

Religious organizations

Using a social media feed on a religious organization’s website brings advantages like increased engagement with real-time updates and inspirational content, connecting with a broader community beyond physical boundaries, promoting events and charitable initiatives, sharing testimonials and educational resources, and reinforcing the organization’s online presence. It is a potent tool to foster community, offer valuable experiences, and connect with a broader audience. Here are some great examples of websites using a social media feed to bring their website to life.

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The Big Woods Bible Church shares their sermon recordings using a YouTube widget

Big Woods Bible Church live streams their services on YouTube for people who can’t make it in person. Then, they collect these YouTube videos on a social wall embedded on their website. Every sermon is readily available for the congregation, as they created a specific page for the wall titled Sermons.

The Evangelical Church in Germany uses a social feed to collect UGC

The Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) created the hashtag #EKDigital, encouraging people to share their opinion on church and digitalization.

Retail & eCommerce

Adding a social media feed to a retail brand website enhances engagement with real-time updates, improves credibility through social proof, boosts search rankings, encourages cross-platform integration, and facilitates viral marketing, ultimately increasing visibility and driving sales. Here are some great examples of websites using a social media feed to bring their website to life.

KIKO Milano showcases their products and brand personality with a social feed

KIKO Milano benefits from embedding a social feed with their TikTok content on their homepage. It boosts brand awareness, engages the audience with trendy makeup content, and fosters a sense of community. They use the social feed to showcase products creatively, encouraging user-generated content and building brand loyalty.

Marks & Spencer use a social feed on their career pages

By integrating a social media feed on Marks & Spencer’s careers page, the brand showcases its authentic culture and values, enhancing the candidate experience. It helps engage potential applicants and build trust. The dynamic content highlights employee accomplishments, team events, and social initiatives, demonstrating the company’s commitment to growth and social responsibility. By showcasing its vibrant culture, Marks & Spencer strengthens its employer brand, attracting top talent that aligns with its vision and values.

Screenshot of the Marks & Spencer website where they use a social media feed on their career pages

Wallpapers from the 70s use a social feed to display UGC and link it to products

Visual marketing with user-generated content is one of the most trusted forms of marketing. Consumers trust the content that other customers share. They are searching for authentic stories and inspiration to validate their purchasing decisions.

Wallpaper from the 70s uses a social media feed to collect and display trustworthy and inspiring content their customers share. They encourage customers to use one of their hashtags or tag the company when they share their wallpaper on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Their social media feed embed is spectacular. Check it out and learn how they use user-generated content for eCommerce.


A sports brand can leverage a social feed embedded on its website to foster meaningful connections and engagement with fans in numerous ways. The brand can provide real-time updates on match results, player highlights, and upcoming events by curating content from their official social media accounts. Encouraging user-generated content through hashtags and challenges boosts fan participation and creates a vibrant community.

Engaging directly with fans through comments, likes, and shares on the embedded social feed enhances the sense of inclusivity and loyalty while offering fans a platform to express their passion and support for the brand and their favorite athletes. Ultimately, this seamless integration of social media content strengthens the bond between the sports brand and its fans, leading to increased brand advocacy and a more immersive fan experience. Here are some great examples of sports teams using a social media feed on their websites.

Dallas Mavs use social media feeds to engage their fans

The Dallas Mavs made social media feeds a part of their overall communication strategy. They use it as a fast and easy way to connect with fans in real-time even when they’re not currently in the stadium, continuously publishing new high-quality content on their social media channels.

They embedded a social hub on the Dallas Mavs homepage to utilize already published social content on the website. The widget collects all relevant social media posts from various channels and displays them unified in one central place. It blends perfectly with the team’s CI.

Memphis Grizzlies made social feeds part of their communication strategy

The Memphis Grizzlies use social media feeds to showcase social content on their websites. The content of each social feed adapts to the content of the website it’s embedded on. All social feeds are styled to fit the site’s design as well.

Screenshot of website with the social wall embedded. The wall is styled to blend in with the website?s design and colours.
Screenshot of website with the social wall embedded. The wall is styled in to blend in with the website?s design and colours, for example by using tile colours in the three FedExForum colours blue, orange and purple.
The social wall on

The Grizzlies switched to from a competitor and have since set up multiple social media feeds, all to an impeccable standard. They’ve fully integrated social walls with their online marketing strategy.

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Integrating a social media feed into the brand’s website in the technology industry offers enhanced engagement, trust-building, community fostering, trend awareness, audience insights, increased website traffic, and a more substantial online presence. It becomes a powerful tool to inspire, connect with a broader audience, and showcase innovations effectively. It’s also an excellent tool for sharing the company culture and attracting talented people to join the team. Here are some great examples of technology companies using a social media feed on their website.

Capgemini leverages social walls to keep visitors informed and engaged

Capgemini’s integration of a social wall powered by aggregates content from their brand profiles, providing visitors with an interactive, real-time view of their social media activity. This strategic use of social walls ensures visitors stay informed with the latest updates and enhances engagement by showcasing vibrant, current content, reinforcing Capgemini’s commitment to transparency and innovation.

WNS uses a LinkedIn social feed embed to share the latest company news

Using a LinkedIn social feed embed to share the latest company news benefits WNS in several ways. It provides real-time updates to website visitors, leveraging LinkedIn’s professional network reach for increased engagement and trust. WNS can position itself as a credible player by showcasing industry expertise and thought leadership. The interactive nature fosters community, while cross-promotion drives traffic to its LinkedIn page. Analyzing feed performance offers valuable data insights, guiding content and marketing strategies. Overall, it enhances audience connections and website traffic effectively.


Embedding a social media feed on a tourism brand’s website enhances engagement with real-time content, builds credibility through user-generated experiences, promotes viral marketing, and increases the number of bookings. Here are some great examples of tourism brands using a social media feed to promote their destination.

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Thermen & Badewelt Sinsheim use social feeds to promote their spas

Thermen & Badewelt Sinsheim focus on authentic and approachable content, especially on TikTok, and the social media feed embedded on their website helps them stay connected to their fans and customers.

Montpellier Airport use a social feed to keep their website up to date and engage travelers

Montpellier Airport combines content from all its social media channels in a branded social media feed on its website. It keeps the website current by re-purposing the content that the social media team creates for Montpellier Airport’s social media channels. The social media feed inspires travelers and helps them discover new destinations. The airport also uses it to share the latest news and offers.

Montpellier Airport  website social media feed screenshot example
Social media feed on website examples: Montpellier Airport
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