Social Media Trends and Updates: January 2023

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Hi! My name is Ana, and I’m a social media junkie. I’m always posting and liking on Instagram, scrolling through TikTok, and pinning away on Pinterest. That’s why it’s my civil duty to keep you updated on all the latest social media trends, updates, and gossip.

Social media platforms have many changes happening throughout the year, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with everything. Believe me, I know.

If you want to keep up with all the latest buzz in social town, make sure to bookmark this article and check on it whenever you want!

Social media trends and updates January 2023

YouTube Shorts analytics updates

A person cooking in a kitchen while a phone is filming vertically.
Learn how to embed YouTube Shorts on your website.

YouTube has recently released new analytics updates, with a focus on providing more detailed information about the performance of Shorts content. These new analytics will help creators better understand and optimize their videos. The updates include new metrics such as retention rate, engagement rate, and completion rate, which will allow creators to see how well their Shorts are performing in terms of keeping viewers engaged and completing the video. 

Additionally, creators will be able to see the average watch time for their Shorts, as well as the total watch time and the number of views. This will help them understand the popularity of their content and make data-driven decisions about future Shorts. Hear more about it from the Creator Insider.

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Meta’s Creator Studio

Meta has hinted that it will be shutting down its ‘Creator Studio’ page, which allows creators to manage their pages and track their performance on the platform. Creator Studio users are being prompted to switch to the Business Suite already. 

There are scheduling, messaging, and helpful prompts in the Business Suite, as well as tools like top-performing posts from Pages similar to your own, as well as A/B testing tools, tags, and direct Facebook ad integration. Read more about it here.

Social media trends and updates December 2022

LinkedIn’s privacy-friendly B2B ads

Photo of a person opening the LinkedIn App on their smartphone.
LinkedIn’s App.

Well, well, it seems like LinkedIn wants us to use their ads after all. The platform is expanding its Group Identity audience targeting all ad types. Their data points are available through Group Identity, launched initially with selected partners last year.

The company is also testing more ways to integrate your first-party data via an updated Conversion API that allows advertisers to feed their conversion data directly into LinkedIn. Learn more here.

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Instagram’s Shadowban insights

Three screenshots of Instagram's in App dashboard showing an example of how a shadowban will be notified.

The days of merely assuming if you were shadowbanned on IG are over. The platform’s new insight is looking to provide more transparency for creators. You’ll be able to view the Account Status dashboard in the app to find out whether the platform’s various systems recommend your content in the Explore page and for instructions on resolving any issues. Call that a Christmas miracle! Learn more here.

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Social media trends and updates November 2022

Mastodon, a Twitter alternative?

Mastodon cartoon.
Image by Mastodon.

It seems like Musk’s chaotic changes on Twitter are scaring people away from the platform. The social media platform Mastodon has been active for about six years, and has recently emerged as a popular alternative to Twitter. The very day of Musk’s takeover, Mastodon gained 70,000 new users. Now, there are more than 2.5 million active monthly users as of Tuesday (22.11.2022).

If you’re keen on giving mastodon a try, here’s a useful guide to get started on the platform.

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Tumblr is back

Tumblr's logo.
To Tumblr or not to Tumblr?

Continuing the search of the new microblogging alternative, Tumblr has re-entered the social scene. Tumblr dominated the alternative social media market from 2007 to late 2010. After losing its way for a bit, it’s clear Tumblr is back with a clear understanding of what its audience wants and is willing to deliver.

Now the question is, what does this mean for marketers? Should your brand join Tumblr? This guide will give you an insight into the cultural impact of Tumblr, and hopefully will help you define if to Tumblr or not to Tumblr.

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Social media trends and updates October 2022

TikTok Academy

In TikTok’s own words:

“Through TikTok Academy, we aim to provide robust learning opportunities to help teams become TikTok-savvy marketers by providing not just the “how-tos” of TikTok but also the key insights that will enable media and creative excellence on the platform.”

A screenshot of TikTok Academy's interface.
TikTok Academy is launching with two curriculums: The 101 Course and the Small Business Course.

In order to maintain their unique and engaging experiences, they clearly want to provide the tools and expertise needed to engage the TikTok community.

LinkedIn’s recruiting tools

To help internal candidates highlight potential opportunities, LinkedIn is adding a Spotlight element to Recruiter. 

LinkedIn's new tool called Spotlight, in the Recruiting section. The image shows a laptop with LinkedIn open in the Recruiting tab.

This example shows how the Spotlight module highlights potential internal candidates who could fill an advertised position. 

The image shows a laptop with LinkedIn's Learning Hub open. A section highlighting the viewers skills with job matches within their organization is zoomed in.

In the LinkedIn Learning Hub, the platform will also assist employees in finding corresponding roles within their organization. Read more about the new tools, here.

Twitter, World Cup 2022 and Link Spotlight

A person catching a soccer ball with their hands. Title: 27% increase in soccer Tweets mentioning brands.

The world has been waiting for this moment since 2018, and given the pandemic, the last 4 years have felt like 10. So everyone is certainly excited to watch people chase a ball and forget about their issues.

Twitter knows the impact of the World Cup on social media, and they’re helping us leverage the engagement surplus on its platform. They created a World Cup Marketing Trends report with tips, tricks, and examples of how to best leverage World Cup Tweets as a brand.

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On other topics, Twitter Business announced recently that Link Spotlight is now available to all professionals in the U.S. By adding this spotlight to your profile, you can direct customers to whatever touchpoint is most important to you, including viewing a menu, listening to your podcast, or making a reservation.

Instagram’s Achievement Badges

Screenshot of a Tweet by Alessandro Paluzzi announcing an upcoming update from Instagram.

It appears Instagram is currently developing a new feature called Achievements for Reels, according to app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi. There’s not much information about the update, but it’s good to keep an eye on your account. 

Social media trends and updates September 2022

YouTube Shorts

Surprise, surprise… YouTube Shorts now allow you to add voiceovers. This update not only means that brands and creators will now be able to post original sounds, and narrations, but also that YouTube is on its way to expanding the Shorts feature.

A couple of weeks before this update, YouTube announced as well that Creators will now be able to feature comments on Shorts, just like on TikTok, but with a better approach. Any comment posted on a YouTube Channel (not necessarily on a Short) will have the option to be featured on Shorts. Meaning that YouTube engagement will skyrocket.

An image showing 3 mobile layouts of how to feature a YouTube comment on Shorts.
Featuring of a comment on YouTube Shorts.

On top of that, another recent update regarding Shorts, is that now these videos can be downloaded with a watermark just like the other video apps.

Twitter Podcasts

One thing we all feared but wished for at the same time: Twitter Podcasts! After the success of the Clubhouse-inspired feature, Spaces, Twitter is going all in with audio format.

They announced last week that the integration of Podcasts into the platform is meant to “help people connect with unique and compelling voices around the world.” I, for one, am excited to hear what everyone has to say all the time, not only on text but as a podcast, too (😨).

Twitter Spaces, in which the podcast feature is integrated, will offer more personalized content for everyone. Hubs will group audio content by specific themes like News, Music, Sports, and more.

A screenshot of Twitter Spaces interface showing a Podcast called Today's News.
Twitter Spaces interface.

Meta can now read minds

I just started watching a show, Made for Love, in which the main character is implanted with a brain chip so that her husband knows what she thinks and feels all the time (creepy, I know). Well, the show isn’t that far from reality.

In 2017, Meta announced they were planning to read people’s minds with a new tool. Naturally, the news raised concerns until Meta explained that the tool aims to help people with brain damage and paralysis speak again. 

So, finally, on August 31, 2022, Meta announced their new AI to decode speech from brain activity. They claim it will only be for medical uses, but who knows for sure?

A graphic showing Meta's AI process to read minds.
Graphic description of how Meta’s AI reads minds.

Social media trends and updates August 2022

Person holding a mobile phone and opening the TikTok app.

Meta Reels

Short-form video has grown exponentially, and now almost every social platform offers the feature. Of course, Meta is one of them. Both Instagram and Facebook Reels want to overtake TikTok’s growing popularity and they plan to beat it with new and improved features.

Both Meta platforms now offer Reels insights, the Add Yours sticker, and auto-created Reels clips. The latter being the most helpful, as you’ll be able to create an engaging Reel with just one click.

TikTok search

Did you ever imagine TikTok being Google’s competitor? Me neither, but once again the platform doesn’t cease to amaze me. Google’s Senior Vice President confirmed the threat by stating the following:

“In our studies, something like almost 40% of young people, when they’re looking for a place for lunch, they don’t go to Google Maps or Search, they go to TikTok or Instagram.”

TikTok is leveraging the user’s attention by experimenting with linked keywords within comments and video captions. These direct the user to broader clusters of content related to the keyword.

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