User-Generated Content Examples From Every Industry

Increase Revenue by Replicating These User-Generated Content Examples

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User-Generated Content Examples From Every Industry. In the image: a computer displaying a social wall with user-generated content.

Authentic user-generated content is a must for your marketing strategy. Not only does it generate more sales, but it also makes customers trust your brand. Get an idea of what your brand can achieve with the following user-generated content examples. 

What is user-generated content, and how can it help your brand? 

User-generated content (UGC) gets its name from its origin. It’s content created by a user, not by a brand, but by anyone other than the brand. The user in this situation can be a customer, your followers, employees, patients, visitors, etc. 

The content in question can be social media posts, photos, videos, reviews or even mentions. This content acts as eWOM (electronic word of mouth), and as studies show, word-of-mouth marketing generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising.

So, if you want to increase revenue, boost brand awareness or grow your audience, UGC is your solution. In this article, you’ll learn about user-generated content examples from different industries to help you get inspired.   

User-generated content examples for recruiting & employee engagement 

Recruiting candidates and engaging employees through social media platforms has become a common practice by many corporations. The following two examples will show you how companies encourage employee-generated content for engagement and to attract candidates.

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90% of professionals research a company’s culture and values before accepting a role. So take advantage of that and let potential employees peek through your window by sharing your values, benefits and social proof of a healthy work environment through a social wall, just like Scout 24 does.  

Scout24 showcases its additional benefits on a social wall. For example, one of the company’s perks is that employees can bring their dogs to work. For dog owners, that’s a huge bonus. They don’t need to pay extra for doggy daycare or, even worse, leave their beloved pets behind every morning.

Instagram post by Scout24 Group. The image shows a field with the following question and answer: “#1 What does it mean to you being able to bring Mera to work?” “It means the world to me and to her too! I am so happy that I don’t have to leave her alone all day and that I can share more memories with her.” Overlaid at the bottom right is a polaroid-style image of a smiling person with long hair who is holding a golden labradoodle dog. At the bottom of the polaroid it says “at work”. The post’s caption reads: Every office needs a Feel Good Manager... 🙌 And we're lucky at Scout24, we have quite a few! 🧡🐕 @mera.goldendoodle is one of our #FeelGoodManager's and she was recently featured in this #OfficeDogs interview with @java.minidoodle! Cute! SWIPE RIGHT 👉⠀ .⠀ Mera's human is Scout Darina, Data Engineer at Scout24. As Darina has been working from home (as all Scouts have been doing for a few weeks now), Mera's role has continued to be super important in keeping her human smiling! ☺️ We can't wait to cuddle Mera (and all of our Feel Good Managers) again in the office soon... 🙏⠀ .⠀ 📸 Thanks to @java.minidoodle for the #repost 🙌 ⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀ #WorkingAtScout24 #Scout24Social #PawsOfScout24⠀
Source: Instagram

Through initiatives like this one, the company encourages employees to speak about their experience and how they enjoy the benefits offered. It’s tangible and lively content that humanises the company — great employee-generated content all in all. 

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BearingPoint is an excellent example of engaging employees through social media while doing good for the community.

To celebrate ten years of success, the BearingPoint marketing team devised a hashtag campaign focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility, asking employees to show their communities they cared for, for ten days. 

They integrated a social wall into their intranet. So, each day, whenever someone logged on, they saw all of the updates on the social wall. They also embedded the wall into their website and promoted that link on social media. So anyone external who wanted to see 10 Days of Caring could get an update. 

Screenshot of the BearingPoint 10 Days of Caring campaign microsite. It includes a promo image for the campaign, a video, and a social wall embedded at the bottom.
The BearingPoint 10 Days of Caring campaign microsite with the social wall embedded at the bottom.

User-generated content examples in eCommerce

We recently stumbled upon a very colourful social media wall and one of the best user-generated content examples for eCommerce. Both of these combine UGC, a social wall and call-to-action buttons to motivate customers to buy.

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Wallpaper from the 70s

Wallpaper from the 70s does a great job encouraging their buyers to share how they use the products. They then collect all this content from multiple social media platforms and incorporate it in their eCommerce website using

To collect authentic user-generated content, Wallpaper from the 70s launched an ongoing contest. They ask their buyers to post a photograph or video of their new wallpapers, adding the relevant hashtag.

Every three months, they select a winner entitled to a full reimbursement of their purchase price (up to 1,000 Euros).

Wallpaper from the 70s collects and displays the best submissions on a social media wall. They then add call-to-action buttons (Buy now) to the individual posts to make it easier for people to purchase their products.

An example of a shoppable Instagram post with the call-to-action "buy now" on the Wallpaper from the 70s website. Instagram shoppable post on the Wallpaper from the 70s website.


The German audio equipment manufacturer beyerdynamic has a social commerce feed embedded on their website. They select the best user-generated content posted with their hashtag on social media and then link those posts to the corresponding products through CTA buttons (Learn more).

Visitors see that other customers are satisfied with the brand and get to see the products in action.

Screenshot of beyerdynamic’s social feed showcasing user-generated content with CTA buttons that say Learn more.
beyerdynamic’s social feed is showcasing user-generated content with CTA buttons.

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User-generated content examples in tourism 

People love seeing other regular people review places they are thinking of visiting. If they find reviews and social proof from people they can identify with on your website, you have almost guaranteed a new visitor for your destination.

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Eurotherme, a wellness resort in Germany, uses a social wall to collect user-generated content. Their feed exhibits a mix of pictures by visitors and from the hotel’s social profiles. For example, guests can post photos with the hashtag #Eurotherme, which are then automatically collected by the social wall. 

Screenshot of user-generated content examples from Eurotherme’s social media wall. The image shows different photos from guests enjoying the facilities.
Eurotherme’s social media wall displays photos of guests enjoying the facilities.

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Saalbach Ski Resort

Saalbach Hinterglemm, a well-known ski resort in the Salzburg mountains, has been using on event screens and embedded website social feed for almost six years. 

They collect user-generated content tagged with #Saalbach, as it’s both the name of the location and the resort. Their main feed is embedded on their website for everyone to see.

Screenshot of the social wall embedded on the English-language version of the website.
The #Saalbach social wall is embedded on the website.

The main benefit is that their guests see first-hand the authentic content of other guests “who could be them” on their website. They promote great holiday experiences, and once users scroll down on the website, they see people enjoying them “live”. Every single guest who posts #saalbach content on Instagram & Co becomes a little brand ambassador.

User-generated content for fundraisers 

UGC is also perfect for bringing a community together. The following examples show how you can use user-generated content to power a fundraiser or charity event. 

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Melanoma March

The Melanoma March is Melanoma Institute Australia’s major annual fundraising campaign. This initiative seeks to bring together melanoma patients, their families, and local communities to raise awareness and research funds.

In March 2020, the organisation created a virtual march powered by a social wall, and in 2021 they innovated the social media fundraising game with a new method.

Melanoma March 2021 came up with the fantastic idea to sell footprints in addition to the march. For $30, you could buy a personalised footprint on the website. You receive a digital image of a footprint, which represents the steps taken to combat melanoma. 

The money is a donation, and you get to add a message to each footprint, which is then shared on a social wall.

Screenshot of Melanoma March 2021 website. A grid of footprints with messages supporting Melanoma March.
The social wall from Melanoma March displays purchased footprints.

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Humane Society of Charlotte 

For years, Pet Palooza’s yearly fundraising walk has been an important part of the Humane Society of Charlotte’s fundraising calendar. 

Due to the pandemic, they created Pet Palooza Rerouted. This virtual fundraising event encouraged their supporters to walk in their neighbourhood, parks, and with their own safe, small groups rather than gathering as a huge crowd. 

But, how do you take a fundraising walk and make it virtual without losing all those fun elements that connect people in an event setting? The answer is simple: a social wall and user-generated content. 

By encouraging each walker’s participation via social media, they created a feeling of togetherness, even though they’re separated. The content published with the hashtag #PetPaloozaRerouted was added to a social wall. 

Screenshot of the social wall embedded on the Pet Palooza Rerouted website.
Source: Pet Palooza event page

User-generated content for healthcare 

Social media and healthcare are a powerful combination. Learn all about the benefits of using social media feeds for healthcare institutions with these two examples. 

Social walls and healthcare are a powerful combination

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Show off positive reviews from patients on-site or on your website. When a patient posts a review of your services on social media and tags you, you can collect it and display it on a social wall. 

Then, embed the social wall on your website to make website visitors trust your services. The social wall will automatically collect and display any future reviews. Of course, you can moderate which type of reviews are managed by the social wall with our advanced moderation tools. 

Helvetia, a Swiss insurance company, shares customer success stories on social media, which they display on their website’s social wall.  

Screenshot of a Facebook post that tells the story of a single mom that uses Helvetia insurance.
Helvetia tells the story of a single mom who trusts their services. Source: Facebook.

Rochester Regional Health 

Rochester Regional Health, a health services organisation in the New York area, has set up a social community wall to create a digital neighbourhood that brings hope, warmth, and a spirit of kindness to everyone in their community during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

They encourage their community to post and interact on the social wall, which creates a feeling of solidarity. Especially during times when many must stay in isolation, the social wall offers a way to maintain a conversation with the community and uplift everyone’s mental wellbeing.

By promoting the hashtag #RRHSpreadJoy, they collect images and videos people are posting to support each other.

Screenshot of the Rochester Regional Health website, prominently featuring the #RRHSpreadJoy hashtag in a header and, underneath it, the social media wall with the headline “We Are All In This Together”.
Rochester’s social wall sharing tips on mental wellbeing.

User-generated content example as a news feed 

Bundle information from various sources and provide a curated mix of news and entertainment on a social media wall. You can then embed your hub on a website or display it on screens somewhere. 

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Coronavirus news and social hub 

We’ve created a microsite for the coronavirus crisis based on two social walls we’ve set up. One wall focuses on news sources, while the other one provides a distraction for the lockdown. 

With, it’s easy to set up a news and information hub centred around a particular topic or focus on local news from your area. In addition, you can add content from social media or RSS feeds and even create content just for the social wall using our “Native Posts” feature.

Screenshot of our Coronavirus News and Social Hub, which includes a curated news feed for the topics and an embed code for said news feed.
Our Coronavirus News and Social Hub is at

💡A great way to guide readers to your social media accounts or blog is by adding Read more or Follow us buttons to your news feed.


Ingolstadt, a city in Bavaria, Germany, uses several social newsrooms on their websites. They display a newsroom on the city’s official website, just like one for the Ingolstadt fire department and one specifically COVID-19 information. They also show the social wall on a screen at the city hall. 

Screenshot of Ingolstadt's social newsroom displaying multiple social media posts with news.
The Newsroom of Ingolstadt.

User-generated content for building a community 

A social wall opens the door to new fans and followers to interact with you and the rest of your community. 

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Twitch user Fairyliveshow runs a Twitch show called “The Comic Book of Twitch.”

Inspired by the recent Eurovision Song Contest, Marili and her team decided to try something new. They set out to organise a song contest entirely on Twitch, called TwitchVision, where other creators could submit songs, and the audience got to vote live to crown the winners.

She set up a social wall for the contest in which fans and followers could submit comments via social media with the hashtag #TwitchVision.

Screenshot from the TwitchVision live-show, showing Marili hosting her show in front of a projection of the social wall.
Marili partly used the social wall during her stream, reacting to and commenting on posts that showed up on it.

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UGC for every industry and need 

We’ve shown you some of the best user-generated content examples we have for each industry. Add CTA buttons to UGC (Learn more, Book now, Donate now, Subscribe, etc.) and watch how quick users are guided to where you want them to be. Boost sales, grow your brand and much more with a social wall. 

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