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User-generated content (UGC) has emerged as a dynamic force that has redefined how we interact, learn, and share. UGC refers to the vast array of content created by individuals rather than traditional content producers, from images and videos to reviews and blog posts. This paradigm shift in content creation has created a new era of authenticity, engagement, and community building. Here are some inspiring user-generated content examples that testify to its potential.

The new age of content creation

In the past, content creation was largely the domain of professionals and experts in various fields. Traditional media outlets, marketing agencies, and production studios were the gatekeepers of what the masses saw and heard. However, the advent of social media platforms, blogging, and video-sharing sites has democratized content creation, granting individuals the power to become creators.

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In marketing, UGC has become a goldmine for brands aiming to build trust and credibility. Consumers tend to place more faith in content generated by their peers rather than corporate messaging. This has led to innovative marketing campaigns encouraging customers to share their experiences, creating a cycle of authentic brand promotion.

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User generated content examples from influencers

UGC creators are often enthusiastic fans or influencers who generate and share content like reviews, photos, videos, or social media posts about their experiences with a brand’s products or services. They can create organic or paid UGC. Here are some great examples where brands used creator UGC.

Cadbury amplifies their Christmas UGC campaign using influencers

Cadbury did a great job involving some well-known South African influencers in their holiday hashtag marketing campaign. As a motivator, they sent out personalized snow globes and, of course, chocolate.
Philile, a mom-and-food blogger and brand ambassador for South African fashion brand eYami, received a snow globe with a picture of her four kids inside. She then tweeted, thanking Cadbury and using the campaign’s hashtag. Posts like hers helped spread the word about the Cadbury festive chocolate.

User generated content example from a cadbury campaign where an influencer tweets about a gift they received and uses the official campaign hashtag CadburyFestive
Source: Twitter

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User generated content examples from customers

Your valued customers are not just users – they’re passionate advocates! Across the dynamic landscape of social media, they express their thoughts through reviews and heartfelt testimonials, turning their experiences into inspiring stories that resonate with others. 

Here are some examples of brands that have ingeniously harnessed the power of their customers’ voices. 

Nofence uses a social wall to embed customer testimonials on their website

When you visit Nofence’s website, it’s clear that the Norwegian grazing technology innovators take great pride in their customer stories. The landing page prominently displays customer stories in video format, produced by Nofence, and an embedded social wall with posts by Nofence customers.

The testimonial wall doesn’t just delight with adorable animal pics but tells how Nofence helps farmers improve their grazing practices.

The Federsee Lake Health Center uses UGC to promote their services

The German health center uses a social wall to create a one-stop UGC display and information hub for guests and visitors. The social wall allows them to collect the excellent content their guests create and display it next to their branded posts and images.

Photo showing a digital signage screen built into the wall of a corridor.

They also use the social wall to embed a live social feed on their website, displaying actual posts from real people to convince others to visit Federsee Lake.

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Dare to be different, and let your customers’ UGC pave the way to a future of unparalleled success!

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User generated content examples from employees

Employee-generated content emerges as a prized asset, enabling brands to showcase their true essence globally. Through your employee’s lens, potential candidates gain access to unfiltered stories, insightful perspectives, and defining moments that shape the vibrant company culture. Explore a collection of exemplary instances where employees from various brands contribute their remarkable achievements and how companies use this content for employer branding.

BearingPoint is an excellent example of engaging employees through social media

To celebrate ten years of success, the BearingPoint marketing team devised a hashtag campaign focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility. They asked employees to show their communities they cared. 

They would do beach cleans, food distribution, plastic clearing, blood donations, sponsored runs, and clothes donations for the homeless. BearingPoint employees collected waste in parks and along rivers and shores. They shared their moments of involvement on social media using the campaign hashtag.

Post shows a person laughing and holding their cheeks while wearing black latex gloves. Another person is leaning their head onto their shoulder in laughter.

BearingPoint used a social media wall to collect all those beautiful posts. They embedded it on the intranet, so people could see what their colleagues from different BearingPoint branches were doing.

Insurance provider LV 1871 launched an innovative corporate influencer program

LV 1871 designed a structured employee influencer program inside the company and encouraged their staff to present the company to the outside world. They post on social media using a set hashtag, and their posts are collected on a social wall.

The wall is embedded on the company’s website providing potential candidates with a view into the company’s culture and the team.

The employee UGC content is also displayed prominently on a digital screen at headquarters, mixed with other content posted by the brand on its official social media channels.

Attract great talent by authentically presenting your company through your employee’s words.

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User generated content examples from event attendees

The main goal for an event organizer is to create an unforgettable event experience for the attendees and get them to share this experience with their network. User generated content produced by passionate event attendees, including authentic narratives, memorable snapshots, and impactful interactions, helps event organizers spread the word about their event and significantly increase registrations and attendance rates for future events. Here are some user generated content examples from event attendees, offering a glimpse into some of the most successful events.

The NAMM Show collected and repurposed inspiring UGC from trade show visitors

The annual event organized by the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM)  is North America’s largest music trade show. They set up an event social wall to feature the amazing content their attendees and exhibitors captured around our show. 

NAMM did a great job repurposing this content in their Post-Show Report by using the social wall to provide a visual accompaniment to their statistics, and they plan to use it in marketing their next event as well.

Delta Electronics EMEA Region collected UGC at their trade show booth

Even though the audience of the trade show was not much into social media or didn’t want to post a photo from a trade show on their social media accounts, Delta Electronics EMEA Region found a unique way to collect user generated content from event attendees at their booth.

They allowed booth visitors to upload content directly to their social wall display using a QR code. Attendees were on board with posting directly to the wall and enjoyed seeing the picture appearing on the wall while standing there.

It was all about giving people a way to show they had visited our booth and had a great time in Hannover and to convey that spirit to their audience.

Engage attendees and encourage them to share their experiences on social media or directly on a social wall.

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User generated content examples from fans

In the modern landscape of brand loyalty, a remarkable phenomenon has taken center stage – the rise of user-generated content by devoted fans. This captivating trend has not only transformed the way we perceive brands but has also ignited a new era of interactive engagement. From heartwarming stories to stunning visuals, these fan-generated creations have become a powerful testament to the deep connections individuals form with the brands they adore.

Sony Music collects UGC from Depeche Mode fans

In celebration of the SPIRITS in the Forest release, Sony Music encouraged Depeche Mode fans to share their own Depeche Mode fan stories using the hashtag #SPIRITSintheForest. They collected great content from the brand’s fans worldwide and displayed it on a social map layout.

Miller Lite Hot Country Nights collects UGC from on-site fans

Miller Lite Hot Country Nights, presented by 106.5 the Wolf is a country concert series happening every Thursday evening all summer! They give spectators a voice by listing their Tweets, Facebook mentions, and Direct Posts on a social wall display that’s part of the stage.

Engage attendees and encourage them to share their experiences on social media or directly on a social wall.

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User-generated content examples from non profit campaigns

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital media and social engagement, nonprofits have found a powerful ally in UGC. Nonprofits worldwide have harnessed the potential of UGC to amplify their impact, inspire action, and build a strong sense of community. Here are some remarkable examples of user-generated content from nonprofit campaigns that have left a lasting impression.

Life is Good collected UGC and raised one million dollars for charity

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Life is Good ran a hashtag campaign for donations. For every post using the hashtag #SomethingGood, the company donated $1 to the Life is Good Kids Foundation. $1 million was raised over the course of the campaign.

Posts from the campaign were displayed on a social wall embedded on the campaign website. Users could participate via Twitter, Instagram, and an upload form that sent posts straight to the social wall.

Lions Clubs International collects UGC from social media fundraising campaigns

Lions Clubs International is a worldwide volunteering organization that has multiple ongoing fundraising campaigns, all of them on social media. A good example is the World Diabetes Day awareness campaign. What makes this campaign successful is the social proof that Lions Clubs International collected and displayed on their website. Every act of support towards World Diabetes Day is encouraged to be shared on social media and tagged with #LionsFightDiabetes. All the content generated from the campaign is collected on social walls.

The goal of the diabetes campaign is to raise funds; therefore, you can see multiple calls for donations on their website. The pictures of supporters and the subtle ‘Donate’ buttons create a powerful combination that boosts donations. 

Amplify your fundraising campaign! Collect UGC and donations at the same time!

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User generated content examples from students

Students are more connected than ever before, and they’re harnessing the power of social media to express themselves, share their stories, and make a difference. From artistic endeavors to social activism, students use social media platforms to amplify their voices and create meaningful impact. Here are some remarkable examples of student-generated content collected by universities.

The University of Michigan created a Signing Day hashtag campaign

The communications team at Rackham went all out for their Signing Day campaign. They created a special hashtag campaign, designed a GIF to promote a map theme, and launched a dedicated microsite that serves as a central platform to welcome new students stylishly. The microsite featured a map-themed social hub that showcased posts from UMich graduate students worldwide. This helped the university collect a great deal of UGC from their students, but it also helped spread the word about their study programs.

Champlain College uses a social wall to drive engagement and collect UGC

One great way to drive engagement and get attendees to share content at in-person events is to bring elements from social media into real life. Something as simple as a big screen with social media posts will have people talking and even adding their content. 

Champlain College featured a UGC social media display at their virtual (2020), hybrid (2021), and in-person (2022 and 2023) ceremonies.

A photo shot from the back of the Commencement ceremony, showing students in gowns walking down the aisle towards the stage while families look on. At the front, on the stage, 5 screens are up, three of which are showing the social wall.

The wall is also embedded on the homepage of their website. It’s where people go to find information or watch the ceremony live, and the social wall is featured front and center.

Encourage students to share their best uni moments and use that authentic content to boost enrollment rates.

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Over to you

User-generated content is a testament to the remarkable power of human creativity and expression. The diverse content individuals create has reshaped the digital communication landscape, sparking authenticity. By recognizing both the potential and the challenges of UGC, we integrate in our marketing strategy and make the best of what it has to offer.