What is a Social Media Wall

Learn what is a social media wall and how you can use it

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What is a social media wall?

A social media wall is a tool that allows you to:

  • collect content from multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Vkontakte, Pinterest, and others;
  • monitor brand mentions and content you receive from UGC campaigns
  • curate the content you collect and mix it with your custom content;
  • display everything on a big screen, integrate it in a live stream or just embed it on your website as a social media feed.

But what better way to understand what a social wall is than by checking out some amazing social wall examples here.

The great thing about social walls is that they are super easy to set up, especially if you choose the right software. Watch this video to see how easy it is.

Do you have control over the content displayed on the social media wall?

Great social wall tools have powerful moderation that automatically filters all the incoming content for you according to conditions you can define in advance. Still, you also have control over every singe post.

Being able to moderate the user-generated content that gets displayed on your wall is vital, especially if you plan on sharing your feeds in real-time. Walls.io will keep your wall safe. You have 100% control over what shows up on your social media wall and what doesn’t.

It’s time to set up an awesome social wall.

It takes less than 5 minutes

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What can you use a social media wall for

You can use a social wall as a display at events, in shops, hotels, restaurants and offices, use it for your hashtag campaign, and even embed it on your website.

1. A social media wall for hybrid or virtual events

Whether you’re organising a BarCamp, a wedding, a graduation party, a conference or a trade fair — a social wall can go a long way towards adding a sense of community to an event. Display a social media wall on screens at your venue to add depth to the event experience and encourage audience participation.

BMW Working Out Loud Event Social Media Wall
BMW Group Working Out Loud Event Walls.io Social Media Wall

A social media wall is also great for virtual events. You can easily embed it on any virtual event platform or on your website. The Tomorrowland virtual event social feed integration is a great example of how you can engage your audience and feature event sponsors by using a social wall as part of your virtual event set-up.

2. A social media wall for offices

Liven up your office or lobby with a social media wall. Entertain visitors, connect with your customers and stimulate interaction across different departments or offices. Empower your team by displaying positive customer reviews on a large display.

3. A social media feed for your website

Mix powerful, trustworthy user-generated content with brand content and embed it on your website. This will significantly help boost conversions. Combine genuine content by your users with strong posts about what your brand is capable of doing.

A social media wall does the hard work of collecting content from all across the social web. You can then easily integrate all those posts, photos or videos by embedding a code snippet.

Screenshot from the Walls.io dashboard showing how to generate the code snippet for embedding a social media feed on a website.
With Walls.io you can easily embed a social media feed on your website.

Create your own social wall in less than 5 minutes and learn more about the advantages of using a social media feed on your website.

4. A social media wall for shops or e-commerce stores

Display social media content from your brand and your fans on a store display. Ask your customers to share their experience using your hashtag and let their posts inspire others. A social wall will help you reach a wider audience than those who already come into your store.

Learn all about the benefits of using a social wall for online shops and eCommerce platforms.

5. A social media wall for your restaurant

You can motivate your guests to share their experiences at your venue on social media using your hashtag. You can gather the best feedback on a social wall and use this valuable user-generated content to scale revenue and attract more customers. Feature your social media wall on a display in central areas at your venue and embed it on your website.