Looking back:Our Summer in Hashtags

I think we can all agree that autumn is here at long last, at least on most days. A lot of people are mourning the sun and trying to soak up its last rays. For me autumn means I am the happiest little camper, because it’s time for sweater weather, stews and soups, blankets and drinking tea.

It’s also a good time to look back on summer – and we wouldn’t be the Walls.io team if we didn’t do this in hashtags as well. So, here is our summer in hashtags.

Facebook: Hashtag of the Week

If you follow us on Facebook you’ll have noticed that we were doing a series called Hashtag of the Week. We asked people from the Walls.io team to pick their favourite hashtag and explain a little why they chose it.

The theme of the first couple of weeks was still undeniably social media focused. Thomas was up first at the beginning of June and chose #geekpickuplines.

Thomas’ Hashtag of the Week: #geekpickuplines

Sadly, I haven’t yet gotten an IRL demonstration of his skills gained from this hashtag. The jury is still out on whether they actually work.

It was barely the middle of June, but even with a month to go until the famous Walls.io workation, CEO Michael was already getting excited and chose #Camp404 as his Hashtag of the Week. But then he got distracted, because Jolli introduced us to the #polfie, a Sri Lankan selfie trend where people take selfies with police officers giving them a ticket. The challenge is snapping the pic without the officers noticing.

Behold the mighty power of Twitter

Patrick is very active on Twitter. In fact, this summer he seamlessly integrated Twitter and its #followerpower into his life.

Patrick’s Hashtag of the Week: #followerpower

“Whenever I needed something – be it information or actual things like an electric drill – I just asked my tweeps, tagging the tweet with #followerpower,” said Patrick in his Hashtag of the Week post. The power of Twitter is mighty, so use it wisely!

Someone should probably have told Nobel Prize winner Tim Hunt about the power of social media. Hunt dropped some seriously sexist comments about female scientists distracting the hardworking menfolk from their duties in laboratories and triggered a shitstorm. I can still not type this without automatically rolling my eyes, so my Hashtag of the Week had to be #distractinglysexy, the incredibly hilarious reactions female scientists had to Hunt’s comments. That’s a shitstorm done right.

One man’s #heatwave is another man’s #happiness

Austria had a massive heatwave (or three!) this summer. So in July Valentin and Ray sensibly picked #cooldown and #hitzesudern, respectively. Meanwhile, Michael didn’t mind the heat all that much, since he spent his holiday touring Greek islands, where he discovered this little gem of a shop in Mykonos:

Michael discovered a small shop in Mykonos named #happiness.
Hashtag #happiness! Photo credit: Michael Kamleitner

Hashtags reflecting the refugee crisis

Gerhard brought us back to business with his chosen hashtag #innovate, because he says that “rapid innovation is critical in SaaS.” It then got properly serious with Martin’s Hashtag of the Week. In August the refugee crisis was already in full swing and Martin picked #traiskirchen.

“We are deeply concerned about the way refugees are treated in Traiskirchen/Austria,” said Martin. Traiskirchen is the name of the refugee camp near Vienna. It has always been a problematic situation, but this summer it was made very public how abysmal the situation in the camp really is. Austria is currently strongly moved (and motivated) by the refugee crisis, which is why we also wrote about it on our blog as well.

Highlights of the Walls.io Blog

Fortunately, further highlights on our blog this summer were shaped by more positive experiences. In June we spent a lot of time outside: Walls.io was in use at the University of Vienna’s Campus Festival. We wrote something about Pride Marches and, sadly, I didn’t make it to Glastonbury Festival – again.

We (hopefully) taught you a little bit about how to track your hashtag marketing campaigns and introduced you to the world of Wedding Walls, just in case you are thinking about incorporating social media at your wedding (you totally should).

Last but not least, we introduced not one, but two new Walls.io features this summer! First we gave you playable social videos for your social media walls, so now you can play around with Vimeo, Vine and company. Then we showed you our new theme Billboard and the things you can do with it. Billboard brought a whole bunch of exciting new usecases to Walls.io.

So what did you do last summer? Share the hashtags that shaped your holidays in the comments!