Birthday Party, Pandemic Style

A Virtual Party for Our CEO

Loading Logo CEO Michael taking a selfie at his desk while wearing sunglasses and holding up a glass of wine.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve noticed just how adaptable human beings are. For example, just a week after we went into lockdown and started working from home, it was our CEO Michael’s birthday.

When life gives you a lockdown…

We take birthdays very seriously around here — when we’re in the office, there’s a celebration with cake for everyone’s birthday. But obviously, that wasn’t going to work this time.

…you have to celebrate birthdays differently

So instead we threw Michi a virtual birthday party! We all uploaded some birthday messages to our social wall for him as a surprise.

A screenshot of the social media wall to which the team posted selfies congratulating Michael for his birthday.

And then in the evening, we had a Zoom hangout to raise a glass to him.

Screenshot of a call with 14 participants. We see people’s smiling faces. Some of them have dressed up a bit with funny glasses or tiaras, some are holding a glass of wine.

When you’re used to only interacting face-to-face in physical spaces, conference calls can feel a little awkward at first. But it turns out that once you embrace it, it really works.

So if your birthday is coming up and you struggle with the idea of not having a party, we can absolutely recommend throwing a virtual one. Or cheer a friend up with one! Michi definitely enjoyed his little get-together.