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A Live Social Media Feed to Make the Brand’s Social Content Shine

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A live social media feed is great for websites and displays

Ferrari, the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer based in Maranello, is creating awesome cars and doing a great job producing content for their social media profiles.

They then reuse all this awesome content in a live social media feed which they embed on various pages on the Ferrari website, or just display during their races. Here’s one we spotted in the Ferrari pit while we were watching TV on a Saturday afternoon.

Ferrari live social media feed in the Ferrari pit during an official race in corona times. Sebastian Vettel is wearing a mask and looking at the live social media feed while preparing for the race.

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Ferrari is a best practice example for using a live social feed as a way to present and promote the social media content you put so much work into. Their social wall was even featured in the latest season of Drive to Survive on Netflix.

Source: Ferrari social media display as shown in the Drive to Survive series on Netflix

Adapt the design of the live social media feed for your brand

With a social network’s proprietary social feed widget, you’re usually stuck with very few design options, if at all. But a professional social feed can be customized extensively to fit various use cases, brand colors, display options, etc.

Ferrari uses the Fluid social wall design for their live social media feed embed. They used a simple design to match their website, completely removing the background behind the social media posts.

Here we see the live social media feed embedded on the Corse Clienti microsite:

Screenshot of the Corse Clienti (Ferrari’s customer racing division) page of the Ferrari website with the live social media feed embedded.

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Select only the content you want to display

You fully control the content you’re showing on your embedded website widget. With a social media feed like the one used by Ferrari, you can collect content based on hashtags and keywords from multiple social media channels. Ferrari brings only their Instagram and Twitter brand channels to the social wall, but you can show posts by other people as well, for example, those using your brand hashtag.

Screenshot from the Dashboard for setting up a source for a social media feed. The source being set up for demonstration is Twitter with the hashtag #YourBrandHashtagHere. The menu also shows filtering options that can be activated.

You can also be more specific about which posts to show. Rather than just including your whole feed, you can exclude posts by using filters or keywords. That way, you can adapt your social feed to the page you’re embedding it on.

Ferrari is using different live social media feeds relevant to the content of their microsites. For example, they use a different feed on the Formula1 landing page than they do on the Corse Clienti microsite mentioned above.

Same Ferrari site, but a different subpage with a different social wall with different sources:

Screenshot of the live social feed as it is embedded on the Formula 1 landing page of the Ferrari website.

Always keep your website fresh

If you’re already spending time and effort posting to your social channels, why not make it go further? Your brand’s social media content adds a current element to your website. It keeps your website recent and shows that you’re active online and interacting with your customers and fans. 

Check out 10 social media feed examples and create your own.

More examples

Share the latest news with your visitors

Ferrari uses a live social feed on their website to share the latest company news or news about future races with their visitors.

Instagram post by @ferrariraces. On a dirty yellow background branded with the “eSport Champtionship 2020” logo, we see the words “GAME ON” in big white letters. Underneath, it says: “#FerrariRaces Silverstone Circuit 26.04.20 13:45 CET”  The caption of the post reads: Ready for a new challenge, a new world of racing: together with some of our official #FerrariCompetizioniGT drivers, we have accepted to get back into the track...virtually. 🔥 . . 👉 This Sunday 👉 Round 1⃣ of the SRO e-Sport GT Series 2020 Championship.  Let’s do this! 💪  #FerrariRaces
Source: Instagram

Communicate during a crisis

Ferrari also utilized the live social feed for communicating important company news during the COVID-19 crisis, for example, in the following Instagram posts:

Instagram post by @FerrariRaces showing a building at night with its front lit up in green, pink and red lights. Above a doorway, the Ferrari lettering shines in yellow neon. In front of the building, the whole Ferrari logo with the black horse is mounted on a wall.  The caption of the post reads: “The safety and well-being of our employees is our utmost priority. Upon reopening (in accordance with local legislation), we will implement our ‘Back on Track’ program in partnership with a pool of virologists and experts. Employees and their families, in addition to our suppliers, will have access to free testing, counseling and monitoring in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. At Ferrari our most precious resource, people, always comes first. #Ferrari”
Source: Instagram
Instagram post by @FerrariRaces showing gloved fingers holding a respirator connector in white plastic sporting the black Ferrari horse emblem. A blurry respirator is lying on a red background.  The caption reads: “Ferrari is now producing respirator valves and fittings for protective masks at its Maranello plant through its 3D printing facilities in support of health workers treating coronavirus patients. The equipment will be distributed to hospitals throughout Italy. Practical solutions for immediate aid where it is needed #Ferrari”
Source: Instagram

Engage your website visitors

Besides sharing brand and event news, Ferrari uses the live social media feed to engage with their visitors and encourage them to participate in all sorts of activities.

Here are some example posts encouraging visitors to check out the brand’s Instagram stories and ask their favorite drivers questions in the Q&A sessions organized by Ferrari on their Instagram channel.

Post on the @FerrariRaces Instagram account. A person clad in a Ferrari-red shirt and baseball cap, both Ferrari-branded, is standing sideways, hands on hips, and looking into the camera. The photo is enclosed in a red frame which also displays the name Nicklas Nielsen in white bold capital letters.  The caption says: “Spotlight on… @_nicklasnielsen. 👏 ⠀ 👉 Born in Hørning in 1⃣9⃣9⃣7⃣. 👉 Started as a #FerrariChallenge driver in 2017. 👉 Won the European Series & the #FM18 World Title. 🏆 👉 2019 @elms_official champion with @LuzichRacing. 👉 Debut as official #FerrariCompetizioniGT driver in 2019.  Is there anything you’d like to ask Nicklas? Check out our stories!  #FerrariRaces”
Source: Instagram
Post on the @FerrariRaces Instagram account. A driver, shown only in a headshot, is in the process of fastening their helmet, which is covered in sponsor logos. The visor is open. The photo is enclosed in a red frame.  The caption reads: “Announcing our Q&A with @giancarlofisichellaofficial. 👏 👉 Born in Rome in 1⃣9⃣7⃣3⃣. 👉 Started a 13 year Formula 1 career in 1996. 👉 Holds a double @fiawec_official @24heuresdumans win (’12 & ’14) in his #FerrariCompetizioniGT experience.  Head to our stories to leave your questions! #FerrariRaces”
Source: Instagram

Share memories your visitors care about

Fans will find content focusing on the history of the brand very interesting. Sharing them in your website’s live social media feed will help visitors discover and share this content with their followers.

Twitter post by @ScuderiaFerrari showing a black-and-white, clearly older, photo of a Formula 1 car on a racetrack with a huge crowd in the background. Printed in huge red letters across the photo is the hashtag #OnThisDay.  The post caption reads: “#OnThisDay in 1975, Niki Lauda clinched his first win of the season in Monaco. The first of five #F1 wins that year 🏆  A very special season as Niki would go on to clinch his first of three titles ❤️  #essereFerrari 🔴”
Source: Twitter