Live Social Media Wall for Basketball Fans

Fans Support Copa Del Rey by Posting to a Live Social Media Wall

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Live Social Media Wall for Basketball Fans. In the image: a team of basketball gathered at the benches.

La Copa del Rey 2021 (King’s Basketball Cup) is an annual knockout basketball competition organised by Spain’s professional league, Liga ACB. This year, spectators could not attend the games in person due to COVID-19, but they still supported their favourite teams by posting motivating messages to a live social media wall, which was displayed courtside. 

A live social media wall brings at-home viewers to the court

Since fans could not attend the cup in person, the live social media wall replaced their cheering. Spectators viewed the game on TV and posted comments, cheers and words of encouragement on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtags #CopaACB. 

Screenshot of Copa del Rey's live social media wall. In the image appears a group of fans in front of a TV broadcasting the games, supportive messages and a group of cheerleaders.
Spectators of Copa del Rey sent their messages of support to the event’s social media wall.

Their messages then showed up on three social media walls displayed on a 32-meter screen installed courtside.

Players and coaches could watch the messages of support roll in during the games; an attempt to make up for the lack of a real-life audience in the seats. 

Below, you can see how the large social wall was situated instead of an audience.

Video footage of one of the games of Copa del Rey. One player runs to the other side of the court with the ball, while an opposer tries to stop them. In the back is a 32-meter screen displaying three live social media walls.
Footage of one of the games of Copa del Rey. In the back you can see the 32-meter screen displaying three social walls. Source: YouTube

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Three social walls for one humongous screen 

“We’ve put three social media walls up on a 32-meter screen. For this, we have used three computers, each with a separate wall with different sources,” says Jose Noriega from Last Lap, the agency behind the Copa del Rey campaign.

Why have only one social wall when you can have three? Last Lap had big plans in mind when they set up the social walls. They added three social media walls with different sources to one giant screen. 

Wall 1 displayed content tagged with the hashtags #CopaACB from Twitter, and #Jasikevicius from Instagram. Wall 2 had #CopaACB from Twitter and Instagram, and Wall 3 #RMBaloncesto from Instagram.

A photo taken during a game's break. In the image appears a basketball team and, in the back, a giant screen displaying two live social media walls.
A basketball team on a break. In the back, a giant screen displaying two live social media walls.

Different walls for different sources

One good reason to display more than one social wall on one screen is to separate content tagged with different hashtags. Case Western Reserve University, for instance, has a two-storey multimedia wall at the heart of the campus that serves as a communication hub and features the university’s social media walls. 

Photo of a giant live social media wall located at the entrance of the Tinkham Veale University Center.
The large media wall is the first thing visitors to the Tinkham Veale University Center see when they enter.

CWRU combines two social walls with different sources to keep the community informed and connected to all that is happening on campus and in the greater Cleveland area. Similarly, Copa del Rey’s social walls have different sources to accommodate the fans’ incoming content.

Make your fans part of the game with a live social media wall

Copa del Rey gave fans special seats during the games. The screen with three social media walls was placed right in front of the basketball court to make viewers part of the game. In turn, viewers were excited to appear on the big screens, and this excitement encouraged them to submit social media content. 

A social wall brings all the cheers, comments and fan support to one place, opening a channel between teams and fans.

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