Janssen Uses Social Media Feed to Share Latest Innovations

Social Media Feed Fosters Transparency and Authenticity

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Pharmaceutical company Janssen uses a social media feed to share their latest news. They display the social feed prominently on the Janssen homepage to allow visitors to explore the company’s latest achievements and activities. 

Here are a few pages on their international websites where you can see the Walls.io social media hub in action: Janssen Spain, Janssen UK, Janssen Norway, or Janssen Sweden.

Social media feed gives insight into daily work 

Janssen promote their latest progress and research findings on social media and aggregate that content on a live feed on their website. Typically, pharmaceutical companies are relatively tight-lipped about what goes on behind closed doors. Website visitors don’t usually get to peek inside.
But Janssen are doing a great job explaining with videos, pictures and short stories what their daily work looks like. By using a real-time social media feed, they keep the website up to date with content they already create for their social media channels.

Screenshot of the Janssen website with the latest news about a potential COVID-19 vaccine at the top of the page, and the social wall embedded right underneath that. The social wall carries the heading “Explore Janssen on Social Media” and shows various tweets and Facebook posts by Janssen.

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Social feed shows the latest news in real-time 

Exploring new medical treatments is always a marathon. It can take years to develop a new drug or vaccine. Jannsen are celebrating every step of the way on their social feed. Not only do they share their progress, but, in doing so, they are spreading hope that various chronic diseases could soon be curable.  

 Twitter post by @JanssenGlobal, as shown on the social wall. The image shows the red AIDS awareness ribbon and reads “Learn how we’re helping to #MakeHIVHistory”. The Janssen Infectious Diseases logo is shown in the bottom right corner of the image. The caption reads: “News update: We just met a major milestone for #HIV treatment, making us one step closer on the journey to #makeHIVhistory. Learn more at: https://bit.ly/39aQtO3”

Educating the public with a social media feed

Janssen display live streams of a web series they are hosting on YouTube on their social feed. The series sheds light on what a virus is, how vaccines are researched and why there are so many different approaches to creating them.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, when the news cycle revolved around finding a vaccine, Jannsen took the opportunity to educate the public on what that actually means. By using a social feed, they repurposed this valuable content to engage and inform their website visitors. 

Screenshot of a YouTube post by Janssen Global, as shown on the social media wall. The video is paused on a frame that shows an interviewer on the left and her interview partner on the right. They are clearly in different locations and their shots are displayed side-by-side. Underneath them on the screen, a banner says “Coming up: How a vaccine gets to clinical trials”.  The caption of the post reads “Episode 2 of The Road to a Vaccine In Episode 2 of The Road to a Vaccine series, Lisa Ling interviews Harvard Medical’s Dr. Dan Barouch, Janssen scientist, Dr. Hanneke Schuitemaker, Global Head, Viral Vaccine Discovery, and McCann Health’s Dr. Daniel Carucci about what’s being done globally to create a COVID-19 vaccine. Tune in every Tuesday at 12 pm EDT, to watch each episode of this eight-part web series.”

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Transparency and information is clearly Janssen’s main social media marketing goal. The social media feed embedded on the website perfectly supports this strategy. It offers an overview of the latest innovations that Janssen has achieved. Additionally, they are making great use of content they have already produced for social media, and by displaying it on their homepage, they keep the visitor traffic and don’t lose it to social media platforms.