Rochester Regional Health Uses Social Community Wall During Crisis

The Health Services Organisation Spreads Joy Through Encouraging and Uplifting Posts on a Social Community Wall

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social community wall by health organisation

Rochester Regional Health, a health services organisation in the New York area, has set up a social community wall to create a digital neighbourhood that brings hope, warmth, and a spirit of kindness to everyone in their community during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

The social wall creates a sense of belonging

Rochester Regional Health encourages its community to post and interact on the social wall, which creates a feeling of solidarity. Especially during times when many must stay in isolation, the social wall offers a way to maintain a conversation with the community and to uplift everyone’s mental wellbeing.

By promoting the hashtag #RRHSpreadJoy, they collect images and videos people are posting to support each other.

 Screenshot of the Rochester Regional Health website, prominently featuring the #RRHSpreadJoy hashtag in a header and, underneath it, the social media wall with the headline “We Are All In This Together”.

Social media and healthcare are a powerful combination

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Sharing information and showing support

The health services organisation shares valuable information on the social wall, educating people on how to cope during the lockdown.

Rochester Regional Health sets an example by putting their tips into practice right away:

Instagram post by @rocregional as shown on the social wall. The image features the heading “Self-Care” and gives four tips illustrated by drawings. “Do some light stretches” is shown next to a character doing an arm stretch. “Practice meditation” is illustrated with a person sitting in lotus position. Next to a notebook with a hand writing into it it says “Write down 3 things you’re grateful for”. And next to a drawn broom it says “Take time to organize a space in your home”.  The caption says: “Three things we're grateful for: 1) Our community 2) Our staff 3) Pictures of kids and pups with signs that say #stayhome 🐶👶 #RRHSpreadJoy”

The community loves to show support for their hospital and medical workers. Especially because it’s not currently possible to express their gratitude in person, the social wall is the best way to connect and interact with each other. It aggregates and displays all the amazing posts that people in Rochester are creating.

Twitter post by @ROCRegional as shown on the social wall. We see a kid holding up a colourful sign that reads “RGH!! SICU” “Nurses Rock!!” “My grandma is at work for you. Please stay home for her” “#FlattenTheCurve” The kid has also painted some medical-related signs on the poster, including the caduceus medical emblem (the snake coiled around the Rod of Aesclepius).  The caption reads: “These kiddos have two important messages: ⚫️ #StayHome ⚫️ Thank you to all of our #HealthcareHeroes #covid19 #RRHSpreadJoy”

Increase donations with a social community wall 

A social wall is not only a great place to connect and engage with your community but also to encourage donations. Rochester Regional Health uses its social wall to promote fundraising efforts for frontline medical professionals and motivate people to contribute.

Twitter post by @ROCRegional as shown on the social wall. The image says “Drop Off Food Donations” and, on a yellow background, shows an illustration of a person on a scooter delivering food orders. In the background is a stylised depiction of a smartphone. The link is also displayed.  The caption reads: “We're so appreciative of the outpouring of support we've received from the community during #covid19. Many have asked how they can help during this time of crisis. Find out how you can support our frontline medical personnel here: #RRHSpreadJoy”

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Rochester Regional Health is using the social wall to create a space where people can show their support and gratitude. They utilise it to share important information about fundraisers and educate the public with tips on how to maintain, or boost, personal well-being.