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Forbes Enhanced Forbes8 Microsite With a Social Feed Embed

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Social feed embed on the Forbes8 microsite

Forbes8, an information hub for entrepreneurs, is using a social feed embed in their website footer. They are using it to share content published on the Forbes8 social media channels with their website visitors and engage them. 

The social feed embed helps keep the website up to date

Keeping a website up to date is hard work, and when it comes to microsites, it gets even more challenging. At the same time, we’re used to regularly updating our social media accounts. It’s quick, easy to do, and we enjoy sharing content there.

So if you’re already spending time and effort on posting to your social channels, why not make it go a little further? By using a social feed embed, you can easily keep your website content fresh and engage your audience.

Screenshot of the Forbes8 microsite with the heading “Forbes8 Helps You Make It. Growing And Guiding Your Success Story”. In the footer of the page, the Forbes8 social media wall is embedded under the heading “Good Vibes & Updates”

Using the social feed embed to share good vibes

Forbes8 has a lot of great motivational content on their social media channels. A combination of quotes, life stories and business success tips.

Instagram post by Forbes8. Quote on a light blue background: “Ambition has no color, it has no language, it has no border, or a country.”  The quote is attributed to “Priyanka Chopra Actress, Singer, Film Producer, Model”  The Forbes8 logo is in the bottom right corner.
Forbes8 motivational quote about ambition:
Instagram post by Forbes8. Quote on a neon turquoise background: “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”  The quote is attributed to “Oprah Winfrey Media Executive, Actress, and Philanthropist”  The Forbes8 logo is in the bottom right corner.
Forbes8 motivational quote about passion:

Quotes can be powerful when used in a targeted way to boost your brand. But they’re not an end unto themselves. If you want sustained engagement, you need to use them in support of your other great content, just like Forbes8 does. 

Often, brands post this kind of content only on their social media channels, but including them in a social feed also helps engage website visitors and retain their attention.

Using the social feed embed to aggregate hashtag content

Apart from displaying social media content from their official profiles, Forbes8 also displays content posted by their fans on Instagram and Twitter using the #forbes8 hashtag. Fans and collaborators love seeing their posts show up on the Forbes8 website.

Post by an Instagram user on the Forbes8 social wall. A person with full, long brown hair cascading over one shoulder and wearing a long black-and-white houndstooth blazer over a black turtleneck is standing with their arms crossed in front of their stomach. The background is black, with a brown leather chair or sofa visible on the left.  The caption reads: “Today, on International Women’s Day I celebrate the countless strong women past, present and future. I stand on the shoulders of those who came before me, rise with those I stand beside and lift the generation who’s influence will stand the test of time. #InternationalWomensDay #Forbes8”

It’s undeniable that there are great advantages to embedding your social media posts on your website. Here are at least 5 reasons to embed a social media feed.

Reliable automatic content moderation

Hashtags are a beautiful thing. They help spread your brand’s message to the audience of your brand evangelists and beyond. Hashtag marketing makes excellent use of user-generated content by incentivising users to post content relating to a brand.

But hashtag aggregation has an ugly side as well. Anyone can make sure their negative posts land on your social feed embed by using your hashtag.

To avoid that, Forbes8 enabled the automatic social feed moderation in their dashboard. We offer a default blocklist of keywords and phrases. You can use that list to filter out a lot of spam, and you can always add more to it or create your very own blocklist from scratch.

Screenshot showing the Blocklist from’s Automatic Moderation feature

Want to use a social feed embed to spread positive vibes and important information?

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