IKEA Social Media Photo Gallery for Furniture Shop

IKEA Poland Makes Good Use of UGC for Its Online Shop

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social media photo gallery on the IKEA website on a laptop

IKEA Poland uses a social media photo gallery to display authentic content posted by customers using the store’s official hashtags on Instagram. 

How IKEA engages and inspires online shoppers

IKEA Poland has integrated various social media photo galleries into its online store; One for each room section of the website. 

Here’s an example from the kitchen category, where IKEA encourages visitors to share their photos using the Polish language hashtag #kuchniaIKEA:

Wondering how good an IKEA kitchen can be? Look below and be inspired by the arrangements of our customers. If you want the photo of your kitchen to be here as well, add a photo to Instagram using #kuchniaIKEA

Screenshot of the IKEA Poland website with a social wall photo gallery embedded in the kitchen section. Above the gallery, there’s a paragraph in Polish explaining how to post to the gallery.

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The images serve as inspiration for other customers and communicate that you don’t need to be an interior designer to make your home look great with IKEA products.

An Instagram post by an IKEA customer tagged with the #kuchniaIKEA hashtag (among many others) and showing off their cosy IKEA kitchen.

IKEA has user-generated content well in hand

It can be a bit nerve-wracking when you choose to show posts from other people on your website, but that’s where post moderation comes in. A social wall offers various moderation settings that give you full content control.

IKEA handpicks the content they want to display using social wall manual moderation because they want to be sure that only trustworthy content gets displayed on the product pages.

Screenshot from the Walls.io Dashboard showing how you can hide and show individual posts on your social wall.
You can hide and show individual posts in the Walls.io moderation settings.

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Why use a social media photo gallery

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