How to Leverage Social Recruiting Just Like Scout24 Does

Scout24 Harnesses Social Recruiting to Attract New Talent

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According to Glassdoor, 86% of all job applicants use social media for their job searches. It makes sense for companies to leverage that by being active on social media. Unfortunately, the days when it was enough to post an open position on social media to attract new talent are long gone. Companies have to stand out from the crowd and follow a long-term social media strategy to get the attention of potential employees and convince them to apply. That’s where social recruiting comes into play.

Social recruiting is a method of using social media platforms to advertise jobs, find talent, and demonstrate company culture to potential recruits and it has a lot of benefits.

A best practice example for a sustainable social media recruiting strategy is Scout24, Germany’s leading online platform for residential and commercial real estate. Scout24’s social recruiting strategy is designed to attract talent and win them over before they even submit their application. 

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Communicate your company values 

90% of professionals research a company’s culture and values before accepting a role. Take advantage of that and tell your own story instead of letting others tell it for you. Social media is the perfect channel to give some insights into how your company is run. Let potential applicants peek behind the curtains of your company for a better understanding of your company culture.

One of Scout24’s main values is that the whole company is one team working for a common goal. When returning to the office (voluntarily) after the lockdown in 2020, the C-level executives surprised employees with new team t-shirts to show that they all stand together in this moment of crisis.

Facebook post by Scout24. The image is a collage of photos showing off Scout24-branded t-shirts that read “it’s good to be home office”. The biggest photo in the middle shows an excited person with short hair and glasses holding up one of the t-shirts for the camera and pointing to the slogan printed on the chest of the shirt. The caption reads: Welcome back to our Scouts! 👋 Last week, our CEO Tobias Hartmann and CCO Ralf Weitz surprised our Scouts with fun, new t-shirts to welcome our Scouts back into the office! 👕 They proudly showcase our new brand design and a welcome back message for all of us. 😊 Slowly, some of our Scouts are returning to the office voluntarily – with strict guidelines, hygiene rules, and set Scout limits for each team area. Regardless, we’re happy to have the opportunity to see our Scouts return to the office! As returning to the office somehow feels like coming back home again – to the heart & soul of our Scout24 family who together consistently “make it happen”! 🧡 Thanks to Scouts Kerstin (from our Brand team) & Theresa (from our Corp Communications team) for sharing the love for our new tees! 👏 #WorkingAtScout24 #MakeItHappen #OneTeam
Source: Facebook

Show, don’t tell 

Another one of Scout24’s key pillars is diversity and inclusion. Posts like the following about Scout24’s international recipe collection show that diversity plays a significant role. By asking for favourite recipes from people’s hometowns, Scout24 shows interest in employees’ backgrounds, celebrating and fostering diversity instead of hiding it. 

Facebook post by Scout24. The image is a collage of three images. The two bottom images show food dishes while the top image shows two hands reaching across a table laden with food to pass on a bowl with food in it.  The caption reads: Food has always brought people together. So, for our recent #DiversityDay (May 26), we highlighted the joys of sharing our favourite meals with each other for an international cookbook. 🧡🍽 Our Scouts collected their favourite recipes from their home country with dishes like Irish Brown Bread 🇮🇪, Serbian Pita 🇷🇸, Canadian Tourière 🇨🇦, Jordanian Mansaf 🇯🇴, Belgian Stoofvlees with Pommes Frites 🇧🇪, Austrian Kaiserschmarrn 🇦🇹, Brazilian cheese bread 🇧🇷 and Romanian eggplant mousse 🇷🇴. 😋 This way, we celebrated the diversity of our Scouts (now from over 50 different countries) plus also got some serious foodie inspiration. Feeling hungry already? 👨‍🍳👩‍🍳 We've prepared two of the recipes for you to enjoy at home: 🍲 HORAA OSBOA - a Syrian vegan dish made out of lentils and pasta 🇸🇾 (left) 🥞 GALETTE BRETONNE - a French gluten-free, savoury pancake with a filling of your choice 🇫🇷 (right) You can read the full recipe on our Corporate blog here: 👉 #WorkingAtScout24
Source: Facebook

The post shows off a diverse staff, illustrating that people from various nationalities and cultures are working together. It also gives colleagues a chance to share and interact with each other on social media.

Show off company benefits on social media

60% of people report that benefits and perks are major factors in considering whether to accept a job offer. Social media offers a great way to share those little goodies that can make the difference between someone accepting or declining a job.

Scout24 is doing a great job showcasing its additional benefits. For example, one of the perks is that employees are allowed to bring their dogs to work. For dog owners, that’s a huge bonus. They don’t need to pay extra for doggy daycare or, even worse, leave their beloved pets behind every morning.

Instagram post by Scout24 Group. The image shows a field with the following question and answer: “#1 What does it mean to you being able to bring Mera to work?” “It means the world to me and to her too! I am so happy that I don’t have to leave her alone all day and that I can share more memories with her.” Overlaid at the bottom right is a polaroid-style image of a smiling person with long hair who is holding a golden labradoodle dog. At the bottom of the polaroid it says “at work”.  The post’s caption reads: Every office needs a Feel Good Manager... 🙌 And we're lucky at Scout24, we have quite a few! 🧡🐕 @mera.goldendoodle is one of our #FeelGoodManager's and she was recently featured in this #OfficeDogs interview with @java.minidoodle! Cute! SWIPE RIGHT 👉⠀ .⠀ Mera's human is Scout Darina, Data Engineer at Scout24. As Darina has been working from home (as all Scouts have been doing for a few weeks now), Mera's role has continued to be super important in keeping her human smiling! ☺️ We can't wait to cuddle Mera (and all of our Feel Good Managers) again in the office soon... 🙏⠀ .⠀ 📸 Thanks to @java.minidoodle for the #repost 🙌 ⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀ #WorkingAtScout24 #Scout24Social #PawsOfScout24⠀
Source: Instagram

Through initiatives like this one, the company encourages employees to speak about their experience and how they are enjoying the benefits offered. It’s tangible and lively content that humanises the company.

Keeping people healthy

Surveys suggest that the company benefit employees want most is healthcare. Showcase healthcare benefits on social media to incentivise job seekers. It shows how much you care about your employees and that you are willing to invest in them.

Scout24 offers various health checks, massages, eye inspections and back-strengthening classes. This shows that they take an interest in keeping employees healthy and happy.

Facebook post by Scout24. Image shows someone sitting on a massage chair, back to the camera. Behind them, a person wearing a Scout24-branded shirt is standing and has their hands on the sitting person’s neck for a massage. The massage therapist is slightly turning their upper body to smile at the camera.  The caption reads: This was our Health Day at Scout24! 💪 Yesterday, the teams at ImmobilienScout24 enjoyed yoga, pilates and back trainings, learning more about integrating healthy exercises into everyday life. 🧘‍♀️🤸‍♂️ On offer were workshops and lectures on stress management, healthy nutrition, headache prevention and finding restful sleep — handy tips to feel well, especially during this grey, cold season! 🤧 And there was more to explore: eye inspections, pupillography, body analysis and massages. ☺️ Thanks to all who participated! 🙏 #WorkingAtScout24 #GoodHealth
Source: Facebook

Turn employees into brand ambassadors

The best advertising for your company is happy employees. Encourage your employees to post about their experiences and feature their authentic content on your social media accounts.

Scout24 often features employees on social media, introducing them and their work in short interviews. Employees sharing honest opinions adds powerful social proof to your social recruiting efforts. It also helps job seekers get to know different departments and figure out whether they can imagine working there, and it’s an innovative way to inform candidates about open positions.

Facebook post by Scout24. A person with glasses and shortish hair is seen leaning against a white wall. They’re wearing a blue button-down blouse and smiling at the camera.  The caption reads: #MeetScout24: Alexandra Zinnow is the PPC Lead in the Digital Marketing team and has been with us for nearly 15 years now. 😎👩‍💻  Alexandra has gained a wealth of experience throughout her journey here. Now as a team lead, a recent accomplishment she's most proud of: seeing her team take the automation of bidding and other key processes across the channels to the next level.🚀📊  What's her secret to success in this field? Being flexible is vital "to constantly evolve with the changing market conditions, and be willing to test new trends and strategies to stay ahead," says Alexandra. Also embracing a strong cross-channel approach and a deep love for data and analytics. "Collaborating and sharing experiences is very important to not only master projects more effectively and efficiently, but also to create synergy across the team," she adds. 💪✌️  How would you describe #WorkingAtScout24 in three words? "Innovative, team-focused, challenging (but in a good way!)."  Alexandra is looking for German-speaking colleagues to join the team. ⭐️ Check out these exciting opportunities here:  👉 👉
Source: Facebook

Show career-related social media content on your website 

Reuse social content about your company culture, benefits, open positions, employees, etc. on your website. The social recruiting content on your wall gives potential applicants an overview of your company, helping them tailor their cover letters while adding an interactive element to your careers page.

Screenshot of a job ad on the Scout24 careers portal with a reference to the #WorkingAtScout24 hashtag and the link to the Scout24 social media wall highlighted.
Scout24 links to the careers social wall in every job post they publish on the website.

Share your company culture on your careers page.

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Hashtag campaign for social recruiting 

Scout24 uses #WorkingAtScout24 for all careers-related content. Establishing a recruiting hashtag helps your audience navigate your social media posts and find what they’re looking for.

A hashtag makes it super easy to report on your social media recruiting activities as well because every post and video you have published is marked with it. You can also aggregate the posts on a social wall using this hashtag. The social wall will collect and display them automatically and in real-time.