Sony Music Promotes Movie Launch Using Social Media Walls

Sony Music Creates Buzz Around Depeche Mode Movie “SPIRITS in the Forest” With Social Media Walls on the Official Website

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Sony Music Entertainment SPIRITS in the Forest hashtag campaign using social media walls and a microsite featured blog post image showing the band perform on stage.

Sony Music Entertainment, one of the world’s biggest record companies, used two social media walls as part of their social media hashtag campaign for the Depeche Mode movie SPIRITS in the Forest. 

The film, directed by the band’s longtime artistic collaborator Anton Corbijn, captures the energy and spectacle of the band’s performances during the 2017/2018 Global Spirit Tour, along with a more in-depth look into how their music has impacted the fan community through the years.

Build a community using the power of social media and hashtags

In celebration of the SPIRITS in the Forest release, Sony Music encouraged Depeche Mode fans to share their own Depeche Mode fan stories using the hashtag #SPIRITSintheForest.

The hashtag connects the band’s fans around the world. Hashtag content from Twitter and Instagram is displayed using a live social media integration on the official microsite for the movie launch.

The SPIRITS in the Forest movie provides a unique look into music’s incredible power to build communities, enable people to overcome adversity and create connections across boundaries.

The Spirits in the Forest website, split in three columns. On the left, a photo showing one of the band members from behind as he’s standing facing the crowd at a concert. A text overlay advertises the movie launch. In the middle, the social media wall is embedded under the heading “JOIN THE CONVERSATION”, encouraging fans to post on Twitter and Instagram using the #SPIRITSintheForest hashtag. In the right column, the social wall is embedded again but with the map theme, showing content being posted from Australia.

Get fans excited about your latest release

Social media is an excellent tool for creating some buzz before and after the launch of a new product. It works well for physical products but also for digital goods, among them music.

There are plenty of reasons for doing a pre-launch campaign on social media. Most of them aim at generating sales in some form. A social media campaign helps you create buzz, and buzz creates more reach. More reach means better sales.

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Create a global experience and connect fans across the globe

If you’re wondering how to best display social media interaction from all over the world on a social media hub, the social map theme is a perfect solution for you. 

Sony Music is using a social media map on the SPIRITS in the Forest microsite to connect Depeche Mode fans from all around the world. The map also helps show how popular the band is on a global scale and adds a dynamic element to the static website.

Screenshot of the #SPIRITSintheForest social media map, showing red pins all over the world and a Twitter post from Montreal expanded.

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Screenshot of the #SPIRITSintheForest social media map centred on Australia and showing three red pins. One of them, a Twitter post located near Sidney, is expanded.