Vienna Tourist Board Uses Social Media Content to Attract Tourists

The City of Vienna Displays Stunning Visual Social Media Content to Appeal to Visitors

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Woman during autumn at the Belvedere palace in Vienna. Featured image for the Vienna Tourist Board Uses Social Media Content to Attract Tourists blog post.

The official online travel guide for the City of Vienna offers information about sights, event and hotel bookings, as well as historical information. They do a great job integrating social media content to attract tourists throughout the year.

There are a lot of benefits to using social media for tourism. The Vienna Tourist Board sets a great example by using social walls to enhance the regular website with fresh social media content, as well as setting up a campaign in reaction to the COVID-19 crisis which has harshly affected the tourism industry.

Social media content embed for the website

The Vienna Tourist Board uses a social content aggregator to display their beautiful Instagram feed on the website. The images they post on their social media accounts serve as travel inspiration for people who like to discover travel destinations using social platforms. 

By using a social media feed, they repurpose the content they already create and publish on their Instagram channel and use it to engage and inspire their website visitors.

Screenshot of the website with the social wall prominently embedded and showing beautiful images of Vienna posted on Instagram.

There are many reasons to embed a social media feed on your website and you can create a social wall in less than 5 minutes.

Aggregating social media content via hashtags  

The Vienna Tourist Board is using a second social wall on a microsite that is dedicated to Viennese Modernism to engage with visitors and citizens alike. They embedded the social wall displaying content for their official #ViennaNow hashtag. People use it to post happy moments they experience in the city, and the Vienna Tourist Board features them on the microsite.

Screenshot of the “Viennese Modernism” microsite with Instagram and Twitter posts shared by citizens and tourists.

They display stunning visual content for the #ViennaNow hashtag from both Twitter and Instagram.

Screenshot from the Dashboard showing that the social wall is aggregating social media content content via the #ViennaNow hashtag from Twitter and Instagram.

A social media challenge during the coronavirus crisis

During the COVID-19 crisis, the Vienna Tourist Board launched the #ViennaFromMyWindow challenge to show fans around the world that Vienna is still beautiful under lockdown.

They asked their followers to take a picture of Vienna from their window and post it on Instagram using the hashtags #ViennaNow and #ViennaFromMyWindow. The best images are featured on the Vienna Tourist Board Instagram and Facebook accounts.

The Vienna Tourist Board monitors the incoming posts and aggregates and embeds them on a social media wall powered by

Post by an Instagram user for the #ViennaFromMyWindow challenge. The photo shows a beautiful view of Vienna taken over the shoulder of a person with long-hair. The person in the foreground is blurry and shadowy, while the buildings and greenery in the background are sharp and bright.
 #ViennaFromMyWindow challenge contribution

It’s a fantastic way to collect user-generated content, gain more followers, and keep in touch with all those people who visit Vienna again and again and now miss it. The campaign also shows that Vienna has lost none of its sense of humour and beauty, despite the coronavirus crisis.

Social media content is a powerful marketing asset for tourism

Hospitality and tourism marketing isn’t the one-sided method it used to be, where it’s all about telling everyone how great we are. Nowadays, travellers are more than ever relying on word of mouth. In response, the tourism and hospitality industry is turning to social media to promote its services and to engage people in a more personal way.

social media stats for the hospitality industry  67%  of travellers use Instagram to find inspiration for new trips 74%  of travellers use social media while on vacation. 97%  of Millenials share photos while travelling
Source: MDG

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