Yamaha Music London Uses a Social Wall Website Embed to Engage Visitors

A Branded Social Wall Embed That Blends In Perfectly With the Website

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Yamaha Music London sells every instrument you can think of online, but they are also doing a great job using social media and user-generated content to engage visitors and communicate with customers.

A truly branded social wall website embed

Yamaha Music London embedded a social wall on their homepage, as well as on every product page. But they didn’t just drop the embed code and were done with it. They made sure the social wall blends in with the website and becomes part of their brand. By employing great design, Yamaha Music London made their social wall embed an example worth following.

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Screenshot of the Yamaha Music London website with the social wall embedded. The social wall is kept in the same purple brand colour as the rest of the website and blends in seamlessly.

To effectively communicate with your audience, you need to design a social wall website embed in line with your brand’s design. A social wall like Walls.io allows you to easily create your unique look and feel and define the structure and layout of your custom social wall.

When it comes to social wall design, the possibilities are endless, and it’s well worth investing that extra minute of your time to make your social wall look amazing — just like Yamaha Music London has done.

Mixing user-generated content with product news and helpful information

Yamaha Music London uses the social wall to spread information about new products, share tutorials and useful tips, and highlight posts created by satisfied customers on Twitter and Instagram.

The user-generated content provides them with useful social proof for the social wall website embed. It’s also a great way to monitor brand mentions from customers posting on various social media channels. 

Here are a few examples of content the online music shop is posting on their social media wall.

A Twitter post from the Yamaha Music London social wall website embed showing a black upright piano standing against a wall. In the caption, user @chris_roseveare says: “@YamahaMusicLDN received my new b2 silent today, thanks to Berit for sorting this out, fantastic piano and quick delivery even with what’s going on at the moment, will definitely recommend you, many thanks 👍”
A happy buyer tweeting about his new purchase
A Twitter post from the Yamaha Music London social wall website embed. The photo is shot over the shoulder of a sandy-coloured, curly-haired cockapoo dog pretending to play a white Yamaha piano. User @GaleaLatte says: “🐾🎹 🐶 Happy #worldpianoday - Todays piece is ‘Who let the dogs out’ in #cmajor 👍🐾🎹#cockapoosoftwitter #cockapoo #lattegalea #shortskinnylatte #dogs #doglife #doglovers #puppylove #piano #dogsplayingpiano @YamahaUK @YamahaMusicLDN”
 A customer sharing a happy moment with their favourite musical instruments brand
Twitter post by Yamaha Music London taken from the social wall website embed. The photo shows a macro view of two to three keys on a flute. The silver metal of the flute is shining with purple and green highlights from the way the light hits it. The caption says: “We're bringing you some tips and tricks on caring for and #cleaning your #flute, to ensure it's giving you optimal response and performance each time you practise or perform!  To find out more visit our website here: https://bit.ly/2UFzLm2  #TopTips #IplayYamaha #Musician”
Yamaha Music London displaying their helpful social media content

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