7 Ways to Get Your Guests on Board with Your Wedding Hashtag

Collect Your Best Photos on a Social Wall With a Wedding Hashtag

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Getting married is a big deal, and many people care a whole lot about this day in all its details. Naturally, you’ll want to preserve the memories of your big day, which is why most couples hire professional wedding photographers, and come up with a wedding hashtag.

Because the best and most candid wedding photos are often those quickly snapped by guests with their smartphones. So a wedding hashtag is crucial!

Those snapshots will give you a look at your big day that official wedding photographers simply can’t capture. It’s more up-close and personal.

Enjoy a 360° view of your big day

We’re not saying ditch your wedding photographer, but consider putting the pics your guests are already taking anyway to good use. One way to do this is to use a hashtag to collect all the social media photos and posts from your wedding in one place, creating a 360° view of your big day.

Add a social media wall that displays you guests’ posts and you’ll have a live-updating digital photo album of your wedding. If you put it up on a screen at your event, guests can even follow along live.

A wedding hashtag also allows people to connect via the hashtag, react to each other’s posts, get to know each other and meet new people. But first, you will have to let people know about the hashtag and get them to use it enthusiastically.

1. Get them on board early

Put your hashtag on save-the-date and wedding invites to inform your guests about your hashtag early on and explain to them why you’ve created a hashtag. Encourage them to use it even before the wedding starts, to share photos as they’re shopping for their outfits and getting ready for the event.

This will give you and everyone else following the hashtag a way to enjoy everyone’s excitement as you’re preparing for your wedding. Using the hashtag early on will also get everyone used to it and they’ll have an easier time remembering it on the day.

2. Use your website and social media

Many couples these days choose to set up a wedding website that has all the important information, from location and dress code to the wedding list. If you decide to set up a wedding website as well, put your hashtag on it right away and dedicate a short section to explaining how it all works.

The same goes for your wedding social media page and your own social media accounts, of course. Use your own hashtag early on — seeing it in your posts will get your friends and family on board.

The Walls.io Pro account unlocks the embedding function, letting you can easily integrate your wedding wall on your website or as a Facebook tab.

3. Use the wedding hashtag before your wedding

Start using your hashtag before the wedding when posting from other wedding-related events. Encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Use the same hashtag for all wedding-related things or create multiple hashtags for bachelor(ette) parties, rehearsal dinners, different sides of the family, etc.

A wedding hashtag is a gift that keeps on giving after the event as well:

“Our friends got some GREAT pictures, and we had a lot of fun scrolling through the hashtag the next day,” says Twitter user @the_ell_gee who set up a hashtag when she married her partner in 2014, “we left on our honeymoon, but some of them kept using it to document their sightseeing for the rest of the weekend.”


If you set up a wedding wall you can collect posts via multiple hashtags on one and the same wall and bring everything together in one place.

4. Hashtagging for beginners

Similar to what you did on your website and your invitations, put together a short guide that explains how to use the hashtag and on which social networks to post. Hand this guide out with wedding favours or put it on the tables with the place cards.

The image shows a sheet of paper on a table, and it says "Share the Love, facebook icon, Instagram icon, twitter icon, Please help us capture our special day, use the wedding hashtag, #thewilliamsgethitched, Mr and Mrs Williams 23rd September 2017."
Source: Instagram

5. Put up a sign of your wedding hashtag

It may sound old school at first but don‘t knock it! Put up a sign at the entrance to your wedding venue asking your guests to share using your hashtag. You can even create a beautiful poster or A-frame showing the hashtag and asking people to use it.

Check out some ideas for weddings signs on Pinterest.

6. Put your wedding hashtag on a screen

Create a social media wall and display it on a screen or project it on a wall at your reception and party. The social wall doesn’t just show what’s going on at your wedding but also displays the hashtag and further encourages people to post.

Use Walls.io to set up a simple social media wall for your wedding hashtag.

If you’re looking to use more than one hashtag, you should check out the Walls.io Pro account. Our Starter and Pro accounts are also ad-free and give you more options to customise the look of your wall in your wedding colours. You can also add additional moderators to put other people in your wedding party in charge of taking care of your wedding wall. After all, you’ll have better things to do on your big day. 🙂

7. Photo booth & props

To really motivate your guests to take photos and videos and post them to social media, make sure that shooting pics will be so much fun that they can’t resist. For example, you could set up a photo booth that automatically posts with your hashtag. It’s interactive and fun and inspires guests to take more pics.

A cheaper but equally fun option is to create Instagram frames and collect fun props and place them at locations around the venue that people tend to flock to (tables, cloakroom, bar, etc.). You can even DIY the props and frames if that’s your thing.

Make your wedding last

Take the jump when you tie the knot and create your wedding hashtag. Encourage your guests to use it extensively and collect all the posts on a dedicated social media wall.

You’ll enjoy looking back on your wedding and seeing it from all angles — from getting ready for the big event to the last drunken slow dance when the DJ is about to go home.