German Ministry of Education and Research Uses Hashtag Wall to Promote STEM to Kids

The Hashtag Wall Raises Awareness for the Governmental Campaign

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Children online learning and participating is social media science challenges posting on a hashtag wall

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany collects science challenges for kids, which are compiled and presented by various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) initiatives, on a hashtag social wall. The idea behind the hashtag wall is to spark children’s joy for logic, geometry, geography or mechanics. By awakening kids’ passion playfully at an early age, they hope that it will evolve into a lasting one and perhaps even lead to a profession in STEM.

Hashtag wall to entertain children at home

On the hashtag wall, children find a colourful collection of assignments, compiled and presented by various STEM initiatives in Germany. The Ministry of Education merely aggregates the content provided by these initiatives and makes it more accessible for the kids.

The #MINTatHome partners (MINT is the German equivalent to STEM) are constantly coming up with new tasks for kids to do at home. The assignments are posted on various social media channels under #MINTatHome and find their way to the Ministry’s website via the hashtag wall.  

Screenshot of the #MINTatHome microsite, featuring an introduction to the challenges and an embed of the social wall promoting the project.

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The social wall automatically collects and distributes content from initiatives to children 

The hashtag wall’s biggest advantage is that STEM partners can access it directly when publishing a challenge on their social media, simply by using the official campaign hashtag. The social wall automatically aggregates the posts from various platforms and displays them in one place. Learn more about running hashtag campaigns from our hashtag campaign guide.

Instagram post by @haba_digitalwerkstatt using the #MINTatHome hashtag. The post is in German and shows some examples from the free homeschooling materials provided by Haba Digitalwerkstatt, among them instruction for how to plant seeds.  The caption reads: “#MINTMagie 😍Eine neue Woche ist da und eine neue Aufgabe für zu Hause muss für das Social-Media-Klassenzimmer #MINTatHome her! Dieses Mal 🤖Geräte, Sensoren und mehr für Kinder von 6-12 Jahren. Probiert es aus und teilt eure Ergebnisse unter #DWzuHause.⠀ ⠀ Aufgabe unter "Klicken und loslegen: Kostenlose Homeschooling Aufgaben": LINK IN BIO”
HABA Digitalwerkstatt, one of the many initiatives using the #MINTatHome hashtag, is promoting one of their free homeschooling challenges on Instagram. Because of the use of the hashtag #MINTatHome, the post shows up on the Ministry’s hashtag wall as well.

Increasing reach with a hashtag wall 

By asking collaborators to publish the challenges on their own social media accounts, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research acts as a mere intermediary, connecting to the social media audiences that their partners have already built, as well as pulling everything together in one place.

This way, they can increase their range significantly as, often, the posts also include hashtags with more reach. The hashtag wall allows them to track the predefined hashtag mentions to aggregate and display them on the social wall. 

Instagram post by @vnn.bundesverband.nachhilfe promoting the #MINTatHome challenge with an image of a person lying on their stomach in front of a laptop. Illustrations around the person hint at various STEM topics — there’s a microscope, for example, and a scribble of a maths equation.  The caption is in German and reads: “💡 Denksportler aufgepasst: Der VNN macht mit bei der #MINTatHome 𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗻𝗴𝗲 von der Gesellschaft für Informatik und dem Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung und vielen anderen Partnern. ⠀ 📐📊💻 Dass heißt: Wir veröffentlichen in den nächsten Wochen auf Instagram Denksport-Aufgaben für Schüler jeden Alters. ⠀ ✏ Schreibt die Lösung als Kommentar unter das Posting. ⠀ 🤗 Am Ende der Woche verraten wir jeweils die Lösung. ⠀ #MINTatHome #MINTmagie @MINTmagie #MINT #mathe #physik #informatik #naturwissenschaften #mathematik #schule #schüler #nachhilfe #nachhilfeschule #nachhilfeschüler #stayathome #wirbleibenzuhause”
An Instagram post by the Federal Association for Tutoring shows how partners happily promote the hashtag campaign for #MINTatHome. Here, the association announced that they would post various challenges for kids in the upcoming weeks.

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The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research found a fantastic way of connecting with children and teenagers using a social media wall. It helps them increase awareness for their educational campaign aiming to spark and encourage interest in STEM disciplines.