The Power of Instagram Walls for Businesses

Promote Your Products and Services With Instagram Walls

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Photo of a digital signage display at an airport showing an Instagram wall from a brand.

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, with over 1 billion active users. As a business, it’s essential to tap into this vast audience to promote your products and services, while reusing the content you create for the platform. One of the best ways to do this is by creating an Instagram wall.

What is an Instagram wall?

An Instagram wall is a collection of branded content, user-generated content, and customer reviews displayed on a website or screen. It helps visitors discover your products and services.

Photo of a person in front of a laptop looking at an Instagram wall.

Why use Instagram walls for your business?

An Instagram wall can be a powerful tool for businesses for several reasons. First, it allows you to showcase your products and services in a visually appealing way. This can increase brand awareness and engagement with your audience.

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Second, an Instagram wall can help to increase website traffic. When people see your Instagram posts on your website, they may be more likely to click through to your Instagram profile. This can help drive more website traffic and increase your reach.

Third, an Instagram wall can help to increase conversions. By displaying user-generated content on your website, you can show potential customers that others are already using and enjoying your products or services. This can increase trust in your brand and lead to more conversions.

How to create an Instagram wall

Create a widget that gets auto updates from your Instagram page.

Great for brands that care about user privacy and security. This solution doesn’t load any 3rd-party widgets or services and complies with EU & US/Californian data protection laws (GDPR and CCPA).

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1. Create your free Instagram widget

First of all, set up your free account. It will take less than 5 minutes, including adapting the design. Then choose Instagram as the source of your widget. Here’s a tutorial on how to add Instagram as a source.

Screenshot of the sources section of The image shows many social media, and other platform icons.
The Sources section of

Note that only Instagram business accounts can be linked to If you don’t have a business account, read how to turn your account into a business account. Or, watch this tutorial.

2. Copy your widget’s code snippet from the Embed section

Navigate to the Embed & Display section of your dashboard and grab the embed code. JavaScript is generally the preferred method as it gives you more features. But iframe is a great option, especially as not all website builders or apps will let you use JavaScript.

Screenshot from the dashboard showing the “Embed as a Widget” menu where users can copy the JavaScript or iframe embed code for their social wall.
Embed & Display section in the dashboard.

3. Paste your wall’s code snippet into your page

The Instagram widget will automatically fetch all the content you publish on your Instagram account. If you’d like only to display some posts, you have complete control over the widget’s content.

An example of the Fluid layout.

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Businesses using Instagram walls

Here are some examples of brands using Instagram walls to showcase a mix of branded content and user-generated content.

Tourism — Borkum Island

Borkum uses to collect all Instagram posts tagged with #MeinBorkum. Combined with posts from the official Borkum Instagram account and, for good measure, posts from the Borkum Facebook Page, this creates a great mix of sources for the social wall, which is also embedded on the island’s website.

The screenshot shows the social media wall embedded on the website.

Events — Hubilo 

Hubilo embedded the social wall into their event platform for the MIX event in 2022, starring Mindy Kaling. The wall collected posts from Instagram and Twitter with #HubiLove and #mix2022, selfies taken in Snapbar’s photo booth, and direct posts with photos from the physical venue.

Screenshot of Hubilo's social media wall displaying UGC and comments from attendees.

Finance — Raiffeisen Bank

Raiffeisen Bank Romania celebrated Romania’s National Day by organizing an Instagram hashtag contest. The contest helped boost brand awareness and engage existing and potential new customers.

Screenshot of Raiffeisen Bank's Instagram contest on a social wall.

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Culture — The Carnegie Museum of Art

The Carnegie Museum of Art collects hashtag campaign submissions and displays them on a social wall. As part of an exhibition, CMOA created a social media campaign asking visitors to share photos of their day on Instagram. The images were displayed on a social wall embedded on and a screen at the gallery.

A small digital signage device showing a social wall is installed next to a sign encouraging visitors to use the hashtag #cmoarealday and engage with the social wall.

Instagram walls for successful brands

An Instagram wall can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to increase brand awareness and website traffic. By curating a collection of Instagram posts and displaying them on your website, you can engage with your audience and show off your products and services in a visually appealing way. Using a tool like makes creating an Instagram wall simple and easy, so your business can see the benefits quickly.