Best Digital Signage Software for Social Media Displays

Show Your Valuable Social Media Content On the Best Digital Signage Software

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An outdoor digital screen shows a social wall for #coffeelovers. The screen displays a grid of user-generated posts and images related to coffee, including latte art, coffee brewing, and portable coffee cups.

Digital signage is an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution that enables you to aggregate user-generated content from social media and easily display it on a digital screen that you can control from anywhere, anytime. In this article, you’ll find the best digital signage software for social media displays.

Benefits of displaying a social wall on a digital signage

Displaying your social media feed on digital signage is a great way to introduce dynamic social content and other relevant digital content on public displays, bring your promotion campaigns to the offline world, and fully draw on your digital content strategy. 

Setting out a social media screen benefits your marketing communication strategy in many ways. It enables you to connect with the audience, boost sales and brand awareness, improve corporate communications and keep your community engaged. Social media screens can be used in hospitality, healthcare, education, tourism, on sport events and even in churches – the only limit is your imagination! 

A photo taken during a game's break. In the image appears a basketball team and, in the back, a giant screen displaying two live social media walls.
A basketball team on a break. In the back, a giant screen displaying two live social media walls.

Here’s a few examples on how it works:

In retail: Today, we are influenced by product reviews from other people, meaning existing customers provide social proof for potential ones that your brand is worthy of their time and money. Most importantly, you are now selling your products to the first generation of digital natives. And they are incredibly ad-averse. Gen Z is mindful of what they are spending their money on and prefer authentic, inspiring content, echoed by the voices of real people. They don’t buy a flawless, unattainable image and generally don’t trust marketing and advertising. That is why user-generated content (UGC) is a goldmine for any marketer or brand out there. It creates trust, the most valuable asset on the market, influences buying decisions, and helps you connect with the most hard-to-reach group of shoppers. 

In the workplace: You don’t need to reinvent the wheel on how people interact, and interaction on social media is intuitive to most. Go beyond free snacks and show your employees validation for their work. Digital signage displays may provide your colleagues with an authentic overview on what’s going on inside the company and raise their motivation. 

Photo of a giant live social media wall located at the entrance of the Tinkham Veale University Center.
The large media wall is the first thing visitors to the Tinkham Veale University Center see when they enter.

Digital signage allows you to play with your marketing strategy in a much more cost-effective way than traditional, let’s say, print advertising. The beauty of this solution is that, with the right software, any screen, indoor or outdoor, can become digital signage and be operated from anywhere in the world thanks to its online content management system. 

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How to add a social wall on your digital signage platform

Adding a social media wall to your digital signage display is incredibly easy. 

  1. Go to to start your free trial.
  2. Follow the steps in this quick start guide to set up your social wall in less than 5 minutes, or watch this 2-minute video

Which Digital signage software to choose?

The best digital signage solutions are user-friendly and thanks to our on-going partnerships with the following 6 digital signage providers, integrating a social wall is extremely simple. The following platforms already have pre-installed as an app in their content management systems.


truDigital is a leading digital signage platform offering a combined software- and hardware solution. Their advanced cloud-based technology, strategic partnerships and responsive staff provide customers with the highest level of service. In addition, truDigital provides other features, such as graphic design, video production, managed services, content creation tools and professional consulting.

A picture of a screen showing a social map.
A social map displayed at an office screen via truDigital’s platform. 


ScreenCloud’s powerful software allows you to turn almost every screen into smart digital signage and securely show your most meaningful content from anywhere in the world. They have 80+ app integrations, including Zoom Rooms, Outlook, and Google Drive, and above all, an API, so you can develop your own app. Moreover, you can brand these apps by using ScreenCloud themes.

A screenshot of ScreenCloud’s interface displaying a social wall.
A social wall displayed on ScreenCloud’s interface. 

OnSign TV

OnSign TV is a professional CMS platform packed with cool features, such as remote view, user management, and custom font upload. They are strong in numbers, offering more than 100 apps for content creation and powering networks in more than 100 countries. OnSign TV is designed to manage all types of signage screens and provides the largest list of compatible hardware in the market

A screenshot of OnSign TV’s interface displaying a social wall.
A social wall displayed on OnSign TV’s interface. 


Sklera is an easy to use digital signage software solution that helps you turn your PC, TV or LFD screens into a digital signage device within minutes. They are user-friendly, fail-safe (yes, you can also use it offline!), and optimised for mobile use software, that allows for an easy and fluid way to combine social media feeds with other media formats, from slideshows to videos.

A screenshot of a social wall displayed on digital signage software Sklera.
Sklera’s backend displaying a social wall.


Yodeck is an all-in-one digital signage solution that allows you to power your screen with any type of content or widgets. Scheduling monitors is especially easy with their self-explanatory interface and professionally designed templates already in place. 

A screenshot of Yodeck’s interface displays a social map.
Yodeck’s interface displays a social map.


BrightSign is a market leader in digital signage solutions offering a broad range of player devices, free software and cloud networking solutions for the commercial digital signage market worldwide. BrightSign offers different tools to create content for your BrightSign players, including BrightAuthor:connected, a free application for PC, Mac or the Chrome browser that allows you to easily create, publish and manage your digital signage content.

A screenshot of BrightSign’s interface.
BrightSign’s interface. 

Hint: When using the BrightAuthor preview feature, it might happen that the wall is not displayed in the preview window (instead, a blank page is displayed). Don’t worry, this is a known issue if BrightAuthor – when publishing your presentation to the player, it will work just fine!

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Pickcel provides a digital signage platform with a suite of over 60 apps like social walls (to display live social media posts from Facebook, Twitter & Instagram), Live streaming, Zoom App and more. They offer both cloud-based and on-premise solutions. The platform features Artboard, a design tool for creating engaging visuals. It is compatible with a wide range of hardware, supporting operating systems like Android, Windows, MacOS, and much more. The Pickcel Go mobile app makes the CMS accessible on the mobile too. Ensuring high security, they are SOC 2 compliant and operates on a global scale, serving large businesses and managing extensive display networks.

Over to you

We’ve partnered these 6 digital signage platforms, so you could choose the best option for your marketing needs. Do not hesitate to have a demo call with the one you think suits best before making a final decision. Whichever option you go with, you’ll benefit greatly from displaying a social media wall on a digital signage screen.