Walls.io Year-in-Review 2022

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Walls.io is a social wall that lets you aggregate, curate and display content. We provide a toolset for you to enhance your walls, and share photos, videos and messages from colleagues, friends and family.

Our goal is to help you make better use of social and user-generated content around you so that it can create connections between your brand and people — and our year-end report shows some great progress towards achieving this goal!

Take a deep dive into the new features, integrations, partners and happy customers we made possible this 2022. 

Product updates

These are all the features, integrations and product updates we achieved in 2022. 

Direct Posts

Three people at the Netzsch fair booth standing in front of the social wall screen, their backs to the camera. One of them is holding up their phone to scan the QR code at the top right corner of the social wall.
The Direct Posts feature in action.

The Direct Posts feature is your gateway to more content on a social wall. This new feature allows your community to directly publish image and text posts to your wall without having to use any social media platform.


With increasing cases of cyber-fraud and rising legal demands for privacy, keeping your accounts secure should be at the top of your priorities. That’s why we implemented 2 Factor Authentication and GDPR/CCPA compliance on all our services.


Tiktok widget embed using the Walls.io Dark color scheme
The Walls.io team on TikTok. The feed shows our new dark color scheme.

TikTok had us all in a chokehold, so we had to add this platform as a source. We integrated TikTok with Walls.io so you can display engaging content on your website or display. 

Dark and Light Color Schemes

We created the dark and light color schemes for better accessibility, to help you decrease eye strain, and to have a better contrast for website embeds.

Instagram Reels 

After adding TikTok as a source, we had to make some space for Instagram Reels.


Without likes, our posts would go unnoticed, and we wouldn’t know what type of content resonates with our audience. So, we decided to implement Reactions on social walls. This feature allows visitors to react to posts by liking them directly on your social wall. 

Carousel layout

People are getting increasingly used to the idea of mobile devices and browsing content by swiping with their finger. So, we implemented the Carousel Layout to give sites a touch of interactivity and innovation. 

Photo booth add-on

The Walls.io team trying our branded filters on the photo booth add-on.
The Walls.io team trying our branded filters on the photo booth add-on.

We also implemented a photo booth add-on for social walls. This feature allows your audience to create custom photo content with just a few clicks, while increasing engagement and brand awareness!

Full WebP support

Walls.io now fully supports the WebP image format! This includes Direct Posts, Native Posts, Sponsored Posts and design elements like logo and background.

WebP is a modern image format that provides superior lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. Using WebP, webmasters and web developers can create smaller, richer images that make the web faster.

Avoid duplicate content

If you regularly post the same or very similar content to your company’s social media profiles (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook…) you might have ended up with a load of duplicate content on your wall. Until this release, there was only one way to get rid of those posts: manually hide them in moderation. Not any more!

With our improved “Avoid duplicates” feature, Walls.io will automatically detect posts with the same or similar text and hide those duplicates on your wall automatically, keeping only the first post visible. 

New partners 

In 2022, we welcomed 13 (a lucky number!) partners aboard our partner-ship. 

All eyes were on hybrid events this year, so we made sure social walls were available on several leading hybrid and virtual event platforms. Our integrations with the following platforms allow event planners to easily embed social walls into their virtual environment and engage the audience before, after and during events. Please welcome:

Of course, we couldn’t forget about digital signage solutions. A real-time social media display is a great tool to improve internal communications, engage a community around your brand or positively influence purchasing decisions. 

That’s why we added two more gems to our digital signage partners collection:

You can find a complete list of our partners, including Marketing and Employee Engagement platforms, in our renewed Partner Directory

Your favorite solution is not on the list? Let us know via the form, and we’ll look into it!  

Happy customers

You’re a loyal Walls.io customer, and you’ve chosen to stay with us through the good times and the bad. You’ve been there for us when we needed your feedback, and now we want to share some of our best stories with you in this year-in-review article.

Our brand new customer stories directory offers easy navigation and packs a lot of information. You want to hear about a virtual event with Walls.io? A hashtag campaign? Or maybe from the sports industry? You got it.

G2 badges

We’d like to take this opportunity to share the latest achievement badges we received from G2.

Six G2 Badges, in order: Fastest Implementation, Easiest To Do Business With, Best Support, Best Requirements, High Performer as a small business, and High Performer.

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